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Happy Saturday and welcome to Would You Wear It with me and Jennifer Connolly.  Remember, this is where you tell us if you would wear the outfits we find on mannequins around town.  I find looks in Texas and Jennifer in California.  Remember not to just say yes or no, but explain your answer.  The answers are read and looked forward to by others.

After you comment on my mannequin, head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think about her’s.  I hope you will return to check out my fun slide show below.  So, ladies, tell us……………………………………


Remember, be constructive, always kind and…………………………………………………………………………………………….



  1. I like the dress and the shoes but not together! I would wear the dress with black tights and booties. The shoes belong with jeans for shopping days.

  2. Yes I would wear this if I still had the figure. I think it’s figure flattering and with the sneakers very hip and youthful without being silly.

  3. This is a dress I would wear. The pattern is interesting without being overwhelming & I like the front slit. I would never wear it with the shoes, however, I’d wear a more dressy shoe.

  4. I would not wear it because the dress is just too form-fitting. I do like the top of the dress. I would wear a top with that sort of styling.

  5. Too bland for me ~ and, not wearing dresses anymore (too formfitting). However, if I did wear it booties, or shooties in black or grey would be my choice. Would not wear this as is but if I could, it would have to be in a shade of burgundy w/black.

  6. I’m new to the blog and excited to be revamping my style! Like Mary, I would wear the dress with tights and booties. I like it because it’s form-fitting along with a contrast between the black sleeves and textured, lighter-colored dress.

  7. When I was a teenager I wore a dress very much like this to school. When I went to school us girls always wore dresses or skirts to school! I like the shoes also, but not with the dress, we wore flats.

  8. Very wearable dress. I would style it with my black leather jacket, tights and booties. Cozy, polished, effortless. I’m afraid I just don’t “get” the athletic shoe with dress look.

  9. I’m not a fan of the contrasting sleeves for my wide shoulders. The fabric looks thin so I am guessing it would be too clingy for me as well. Love the shoes with jeans or black pants;)

  10. I like the look. The dress would be great with black tights and pumps or bootie. I would not wear as it would not be flattering on my pear shape.

  11. I would definitely try the dress on. I love the look, but I’m not sure if the neckline would work for me. I had major neck surgery a few years ago and suffered some nerve damage so high necklines tend to be uncomfortable. I’ve tried wearing sneakers with dresses recently, but in this case I think I’d probably choose different footwear.

  12. Tights and booties would be great, but I like the black sneakers with this dress as I think it’s a good way to dress it down for my lifestyle and would add versatility. Sneakers are a scary proposition in a northern Ohio winter, not to mention that bare legs are a no-go. So it would have to be a spring variation, or I would have to add leggings that ended at the ankle, AND watch the weather forecast! I would size up so that the dress might better skim my body instead of hugging it. I think it might be a jumper with a tee under it, but regardless, I like that sleeve contrast on an area (my arms) which is a plus for me to show off.

  13. I would wear this if I had a waist, …well at least a waistline that indented instead of outdented. I would not, however wear the tennis shoes with it, but rather a block heeled shoe or open toed bootie.

  14. Oh if only I could wear this dress. There was a time I could, but that was about 20 years ago! LOL

    I’d prefer it with a pump or dressier shoe, but I kind of like this different look with the sneakers. Why not?

  15. I wouldn’t wear it as is. The front slit pulls apart in an odd way that, to me, makes it look like poor quality. Without the slit, yes I would wear it. The shoes wreck the whole look. Booties or pumps would be a better choice. I think the fashion industry has taken the sneaker thing too far.

  16. I don’t think the dress would be flattering on my figure because it is too form fitting. I would not wear it with those shoes at any time. As someone else noted, I would wear the shoes with jeans or casual pants.

  17. Yes, I would wear the dress, but first I would sew up that vent! I like the dress, it would be comfy but still professional enough for my office, but without that vent.
    I would not wear those shoes with it. I’m not a fan. I would go with black tights and a bootie, or maybe my knee high boots. Anything but those shoes.

  18. I really like this dress. I think it has a casual vibe with the sneakers but could see if being a great dress to wear to work, church, out to dinner, etc. I think you could add a belt or a jacket,cardigan, put it over opaque tights or sheer hose – so versatile! You could unzip the neck, change jewelry and shoes and be ready to go from work to an evening social activity in this dress – a winner!

  19. Yes, I would wear this outfit, but I would make the slit not so high. I like the shoes with this dress, and agree with other comments that booties and black tight would make the outfit less casual, making it quite versatile.

  20. If I wore this dress, I would want a larger size so it wasn’t so form fitting. I’m in agreement with those who suggest black tights and boots or flats. That look would remind me of the Mod styles I wore in the 60’s.

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