This post is for those of us still working, and perhaps, with companies willing to relax professional dress on Fridays.  I see many who believe casual Friday is an invitation to wear whatever you want, just short of the pajamas you slept in the night before!  But, simply because, the boss says you can come dressed casual, doesn’t mean you should look like a Saturday at home.  I have seen a little bit of everything over my many, many years in the workplace, and I realize it depends upon your company and their rules (as well as your occupation):

I would like to recommend these things to keep in mind:

  1. I ask, as I do often, what does your choice of clothing say about you?  What first impression does your outfit give to perhaps a prospective client who just happened to drop by the office?
  2. Upper management may be more casual, but they have not turned off their eyes on Fridays.  If they are considering promotions that day, what will you look like to them.  Even casual wear can be done in a professional manner.
  3. Just because something is “fashionable” doesn’t mean it is a good choice for Casual Friday.  Specifically, leave the ripped jeans at home or for a social occasion.  Same with off-the-shoulder tops or too much bling.
  4. Gym pants, yoga pants, skin tight leggings, or loungewear is not appropriate for the office. These types of garments just say to others, I Don’t Care.
  5. Flip flops and sandals are not appropriate either…sorry if I am ruining your fun here.  But, a cute pair of sneakers, such as the leather ones I am wearing, works great.

Every company is different and once you understand their policy, there should be no problem.  My husband works for a large firm and they do allow shorts in the summer because it gets so hot here; however, my husband says, “Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should.”  It could be a career mistake to dress in shorts during an important meeting, and important meetings do not take Fridays off!

Finally,  Save the political statements on tee shirts for outside of work.  I know many want their moment to speak what they believe with their clothing, but just do it another time….if you want that promotion or bonus, that is!

I hope this helps some of you and doesn’t make anyone mad.  I could live in an outfit like I am wearing today.  I love a great jacket with jeans and flats for Casual Fridays.  This outfit is very neutral, but again, I like the look.  I work at a public university and most wear school tee shirts on Fridays…been there, done that.  I have really put tee shirts in my past and happy to do so.  Not my most confident look.

For those of you still working, what is your favorite style on casual days?  Please share and no matter your circumstances……………………………………………………………..


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