To end our series on How to Wear a Wrap, I decided to show you this EILEEN FISHER garment I found a few years ago in a summer clearance sale.  It is such an interesting wrap….it has arms, high slits and open on the sides, pockets low on the front, and it is long.  I might call it a cardigan or sweater jacket, but it has the slits.  Those slits make it more of a poncho.

Because I am experimenting in my closet for you, I decided to pair this with my Soft Surroundings brown pants with a subtle print. .  I also am wearing a cashmere turtleneck.

This is what makes an outfit uniquely you is when you add a print, texture, which may be a different way to style a look from anyone else.  These pants provided that opportunity.

The necklace is also uniquely me.  It appears to be two necklaces…and originally, it was.  However the one with the large disc is a piece of an old broken necklace.  The bronze beads is an older necklace I found at a consignment shop.  So I took out the needle nosed pliers and made this into one!  I love to work with old pieces which are easy to envision together.  I am by no means a jewelry designer, but it is fun to play when not too difficult to do.

Well, our week of wraps is a wrap…so to speak! I love how many of you came to the defense of a well styled wrap and offered your styling tips for how you do it.

Tomorrow is WOULD YOU WEAR IT with me and Jennifer.  Next week, I will return to my closet for a similar styling challenge around one type of garment or maybe even one garment.  This is fun.  I also did a little bit of after Christmas shopping, so soon, I will show you what I found and why it fits in my closet.  I plan to discuss those styling decisions more this month.

It’s been a great start to 2019…………………..remember to……………………………………………………………….


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