Happy Tuesday everyone, and welcome to the second look with red pants…today with youthful flair.  Many stylists for over 50 ladies agree a touch of on-trend selections can bring youth and attitude to your style.  Today, the color selection, the striped top, and the leather sneakers add that touch to my Soft Surroundings Colored Metro Leggings.  The saffron yellow jacket is still on-trend…though I know many do not prefer the color.  Speaking of not liking the color…I get it…some of you also don’t care for the red pants.  So this exercise is to give those of you who do enjoy red pants a few styling ideas.  Next week, I will do something more…well…neutral!

As we return to Ellen Lubin-Sherman’s book, The Essentials of Fabulous Because Whatever Doesn’t Work Here Anymore, she dedicates a chapter to attitude…Fabulous People Are Revered For Their Amazing Attitude.  She goes so far as to write…”attitude is everything. A great attitude is shorthand for fun.  Fun to be with, fun to eat with, fun to stand in line or wait for Dylan tickets with. Everyone wants to spend their time with life-affirming, positive people.  A great attitude is more youth-enhancing than Botox.  It trumps wrinkles, creaky knees, and a tendency to repeat pointless anecdotes.”

Yes, Ellen!  And the rest of this chapter is so good.  Attitude is very important and I try to dress with a little attitude most of the time.  I like a look such as this because it is youthful and fun…it makes me smile.  For me, this is fun casual style for the weekend or visiting grandchildren.  Also, I want to say that I typically do not wear horizontal stripes because most often the look is not flattering.  This top has seaming in the sides which brings it in, and I am also wearing a minimizer bra…for ladies my size, this will help when you want to wear a stripe.  I only have two horizontal striped shirts and both are black and white and have something on the sides to bring the shirt in more for a flattering fit.  The slide show below has this bra (which I love) and several stripe options for you to see what is on the market.

Want to feel more youthful?  Consider an attitude adjustment and/or the addition of a few trend pieces to your wardrobe!  And, of course,


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