How to Wear Red Pants with Youthful Flair

Happy Tuesday everyone, and welcome to the second look with red pants…today with youthful flair.  Many stylists for over 50 ladies agree a touch of on-trend selections can bring youth and attitude to your style.  Today, the color selection, the striped top, and the leather sneakers add that touch to my Soft Surroundings Colored Metro Leggings.  The saffron yellow jacket is still on-trend…though I know many do not prefer the color.  Speaking of not liking the color…I get it…some of you also don’t care for the red pants.  So this exercise is to give those of you who do enjoy red pants a few styling ideas.  Next week, I will do something more…well…neutral!

As we return to Ellen Lubin-Sherman’s book, The Essentials of Fabulous Because Whatever Doesn’t Work Here Anymore, she dedicates a chapter to attitude…Fabulous People Are Revered For Their Amazing Attitude.  She goes so far as to write…”attitude is everything. A great attitude is shorthand for fun.  Fun to be with, fun to eat with, fun to stand in line or wait for Dylan tickets with. Everyone wants to spend their time with life-affirming, positive people.  A great attitude is more youth-enhancing than Botox.  It trumps wrinkles, creaky knees, and a tendency to repeat pointless anecdotes.”

Yes, Ellen!  And the rest of this chapter is so good.  Attitude is very important and I try to dress with a little attitude most of the time.  I like a look such as this because it is youthful and fun…it makes me smile.  For me, this is fun casual style for the weekend or visiting grandchildren.  Also, I want to say that I typically do not wear horizontal stripes because most often the look is not flattering.  This top has seaming in the sides which brings it in, and I am also wearing a minimizer bra…for ladies my size, this will help when you want to wear a stripe.  I only have two horizontal striped shirts and both are black and white and have something on the sides to bring the shirt in more for a flattering fit.  The slide show below has this bra (which I love) and several stripe options for you to see what is on the market.

Want to feel more youthful?  Consider an attitude adjustment and/or the addition of a few trend pieces to your wardrobe!  And, of course,



  1. Pam I love the color! But to me- I feel like you should order a size down in the leggings- these look too big for you.
    Personally love the yellow trend too. And the stripes. Would look nice with a denim jeans jacket too, the old standby.
    Keep the color coming- we need it!

  2. Thanks Susan! I am in the process of losing some weight and many of my pants are a little baggy. I want to keep working on progress before I buy new ones!!

  3. Hi Pam, this is a cute casual look, I agree. I don’t have red pants because I’m trying to keep my essentials neutral. I try to make the updated trend looks with accessories. I feel like my closet is exploding with too much! You look sweet though. I love your necklace, that’s my style, do you have a link?

  4. Hi Amy! The necklace is from a local artist in San Antonio, Susan Butler who hand blows the glass beads! She is so talented. Just google Con Brio Beads. She sells online, in specialty boutiques and in museum gift shops. I love her work and have been honored to watch her in her workshop! It’s amazing..thanks for asking!

  5. I have sneakers almost identical to those and am surprised at how often I reach for them. Comfortable fun and peppy! I do love saffron yellow but my complexion doesn’t 😉 Fun look today. Bravo for losing weight. I wish I could.

  6. I am attracted to this concept. I do like the draped jacket although I would prefer full length sleeves because I am cold so often. I do not think I would get enough wear out of the red pants though. I am afraid they would just hang in my closest. (No joy!?) I think the striped top is an essential. The cotton knit fabric helps too in preventing the shirt from adding weight. The narrower the stripe the less noticeable in my opinion. I wear a size 10 and a 40D bust so dressing for my inverted triangle shape is important to me. Keep up the workout routine- it is very encouraging to me and others too!

  7. Even though I’m plus size and busty, I think I look good in a horizontal stripe. The trick is to keep the stripes fine, nearly identical in width, and lower contrast. I have a black shirt with fine white stripes, and then some in color combos … raspberry and navy, sage with cream, etc. I like the stripes on you, Pam. They look sporty, but not sloppy.

  8. I love the colors. I am tired of all the dark winter clothing. Bright colors cheer me up. I don’t have red pants, however I have a red skirt. I’m going to try this look today.

  9. I love your ideas with color — please keep them coming! While red pants aren’t my thing, you inspire me to think about brighter colors more in my blue-green-purple palette.

  10. This is a fun, upbeat outfit. Love everything you have on! I`ve recently lost weight and am exploring all your choices: not-dark pants, stripes, sunny colors.

  11. I’m a big fan of this type of striped shirt. I have several and wear them often. You look very current and casual, really a nice look! I love the striped tee shirts with a blazer also. The ones I got at Chico’s have a curved hemline that is flattering. It was a couple years ago. I do like your shirt with the red pants. I think red jeans are fun.

  12. I like this combination even though I don’t think that shade of yellow looks good on me. I’m always looking for ways to wear colour.

  13. The yellow isn’t for me, but I like the pants with the striped shirt.

    I bought a pair of red shorts at the VF outlet (from the $7 rack!) this past summer and was surprised how easy they were to wear with things I already owned. They are worth considering!

    To me this muted color is more Fall than Spring, but I think it would look great with cream/copper blue and other not bright colors.

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