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Welcome to Would You Wear It Saturday with me and fellow blogging friend, Jennifer Connolly.  It’s been a long week so I am glad to have a little fun with you today.  Jennifer and I seek out and find mannequins around our towns which capture our attention.  Then we ask you what you think.  No matter your answer, please explain why you say what you say because it helps other women and they enjoy the comments as much as the post!!

After you comment here, go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and leave a comment for Jennifer and her audience.  Then I hope you will return to enjoy the slide show below…lots of fun shopping right now!  So, ladies, what do you think…look at the image above and tell us………………………………………………………………………………………….


Hope you have a great weekend planned…enjoy each moment…and make sure you………………………………………




  1. This is not an outfit I would wear. I don’t find the print on the skirt very appealing. I’m trying to think of a descriptor – maybe it’s too peasant-y?
    The high-neck frilly collar just isn’t my style. I think the jacket just looks sloppy.
    Sorry mannequin – you’re a fashion DON’T for me! 🙂

    1. Not for me. I don’t like midi skirts on anyone unless you are really tall and pair the skirt with a tall boot. Don’t like the high neck blouse, ugh.
      And that jacket/topper is awful, in my humble opinion. I am trying to think of my three closest friends, two of which are over 5 ft 9. Even they would look terrible in this outfit.

  2. No, definitely would not wear this, it’s so bleak. The neckline on the blouse is not flattering for many women, the jacket has no shape, and both are all wrong with the skirt. The skirt MAYBE would be okay with a tank top for summer, but I wouldn’t give any of this a second glance as it is presented here. Cindy’s comment reminds me of when Glamour magazine had the Fashion Do’s and Dont’s column! I always enjoyed that, and Cindy is right, this is a “Don’t “!!

  3. On second thought, that skirt looks heavy, like velvet, so scratch my comment about the tank in the summer! Being a heavy fabric, that makes this even worse to me. Reminiscent of the 1919’s or 1920’s, and hopefully we’ve moved on!

  4. I would not wear this at all. The neckline on the blouse is not flattering, and the jacket looks like it doesn’t fit. The whole outfit just looks schlumpy.

  5. Nooooo!!!!!! It’s quite busy, and looks sloppy on the mannequin. Perhaps if one item, either the skirt OR the jacket were fitted it would work. This way looks outdated and just doesn’t work…for me!

  6. After reading through the comments, I realized I have the perfect event to wear that skirt to-a commemoration of a 1919 Suffrage Parade and Rally. Not the blouse, I have a short neck.
    I like the jacket too but over jeans

  7. I would wear the skirt and topper with a close fitting black long sleeve t-shirt under it. Tall black boots to finish off the look along with a pair of interesting earrings and necklace, perhaps in turquoise would look nice! The BoHo vibe is interesting and fun!

  8. This outfit would add a lot of bulk. I prefer a more classic fit. For all that it’s patterned, it actually looks a little blah and boring … like winter is dragging on too long.

  9. Hi, Pam! This one is an “absolutely not.” I agree that it looks like a costume, and a mismatched one at that. For me, the skirt is too long (might work as a midi, but not a maxi). I might pull the jacket off the rack thinking “hmm…,” but I’m sure I’d think it was too boxy, voluminous, and dreary once it was on me. The blouse might be cute — it’s hard to tell — but not versatile enough. Is it possible to provide links to the pieces, so that we can see details? Thanks!

  10. I kind of like the skirt/ wish I could see it all. It needs a nice knit top that’s not flowy and a pretty necklace. That blouse would cause me to itch immediately! And not a fan of the jacket with the skirt. Maybe with a short pencil skirt or jeans.

  11. As a clothes lover, I feel each piece is good on its own. The problem is together, the just do not work at all. Additionally, all three of these pieces, are pieces that only certain body types can pull off. Having said that, the skirt with a simple long sleeve fitted black tee on a tall slim frame could be very nice. The jacket is actually very pretty, pairs with a simple Anne white cami or t, and jeans and black boots could be very interesting. The blouse with a straight black skirt, not my style, but on a tall slim confident lady could work well. Just my thoughts….

  12. Not the skirt or the blouse..although, I would wear the jacket. It looks sloppy on this mannequin, but styled with the right look (i.e. jeans or dressy pants) and a plain shirt or sweater, I would definitely wear it. It’s different in a good way!!

  13. Sorry mannequin, you’re not a look I’d want to acquire. Reminds me of someone playing dress-up from Great-Grandma’s trunk in the attic or maybe for a play with period costumes? Each piece has potential if paired with other things…maybe???

  14. Maybe I’m too suburban to understand the styling here, but to me that skirt in no way compliments the ruffle blouse and moto meets smoking jacket. I do sort of like the jacket and neck ruff, but no, I wouldn’t wear this.

  15. Interesting….
    I do like the skirt – but probably wouldn’t wear it. I like patterns, but this is simply too random for me (my need for symmetry rebels on this one).
    The jacket is really boxy, and I find the lapels too large for the rest of the jacket. It really doesn’t hang well.
    And the shirt is definitely not for me – I cannot abide clothing around my neck.
    And so the sum of all those parts is a definite “No” for me!

  16. I like the jacket and think the fabric and style are interesting. I think it would look super with jeans. That high neck blouse is a big no!

  17. I guess I’m in the minority here. I think this outfit could be very nice with a few adjustments. I don’t like the blouse at all. It fights for attention with the skirt. I’d like to see the waistband on the skirt. With a simple black long sleeve tee or blouse and a strand or two of pearls, it would probably be quite striking. I quite like the jacket, but I think the biggest problem with this outfit is that the jacket is just too big on the mannequin, which makes it look schlumpy.

  18. No. I think the lack of shape and darkness of it would make me look like Uncle Fester ( remember him from Adams Family) HA.

  19. No. There is nothing appealing about this outfit. It looks shapeless and drab and unflattering on the mannequin. Yikes.

  20. This leaves me wondering if the dresser got a box with all the items they want to highlight because they aren’t selling and put them onto the display in hopes someone will see them!

    I do have room for collarless blouses in my warmer weather wardrobe. If the blouse was high quality, marked down and not darted through the bust so it could be worn like a over shirt I might try it on. I would also look at the collar and see how involved it would be to open up that seam and take the ruffle off the collar. Generally I prefer to try alterations on thrift shop purchases b/c sometimes they go wrong.

  21. This outfit might look attractive on a “real person”, with hair, a face, hands, feet , shoes etc! ?. The jacket is pretty neat..the short cut is cute and versatile. The skirt looks fine, probably flowy, and would look nice with a bit of leg peeking under. The ruffle neckline of the blouse is something different, and it looks very feminine. To me, this outfit is not a total loss. Actually, I think it’s quite acceptable for the right occasion (and body shape).

  22. Not an outfit I would wear. It reminds me of dressing up when I was a child. I had a box of yard sale clothes my aunt had sent from Michigan, and I would wear what I considered glamorous costumes. Of course, I was only 5 or 6 at the time.

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