Today is an I MATTER Update thanks to those who have requested more of the I MATTER posts.  I was thinking about the phrase “self-care” recently and why I never participated in it before age 50.  In my 30s and 40s, I was a busy mom of three active children, a wife, and a high school teacher.  I think back then it was all about self-preservation…living through all of the activities with my kids and my students. There was no extra time or money to spend on me.  But, when I realized at age 50 that letting go of me was not working, it became about self-care.  Taking care of me brought a new level of enjoyment for life I did not know existed at that point.

When I say I had completely put me on the back burner, I mean completely…I did not have regular checkups at the doctor or dentist…only what was in a response to illness.  But, now I get a regular update with doctor, dentist and eye doctor.  I get a manicure and a pedicure every two weeks. I have my hair done once a month.  I exercise and take recommended supplements by my doctor.  And every now and then, I get a facial and a massage.  It is exhilarating. I have moved from the bottom of my priority list to the top, and that is how I keep feeling 40!   Of course, you have to decide what is within your budget and most important for you, but I recommend everyone be doing something in order to carry your own I MATTER sign. A form of self-care for some may be to travel more, run a marathon, sky dive, buy designer shoes, or volunteer more in your community.  Life is short and we want to enjoy each minute of it doing things that make us feel our very best.

So, here is my latest self-care update.  Regular readers know I fell last August into a wall and injured my shoulder.  So, due to pain, I sat idle from September through December…didn’t really move much or eat right.  In comes January 2019, and I came back.  I have returned to my strength training class, began a low carb eating plan, began my Juice Plus supplements once again, and just got a massage.  The fall seems to have knocked my body out of alignment and caused some hip and foot issues on the opposite side.  The massage was painful but beneficial.  Returning to lifting weights has helped my shoulder immensely.  I am not able to lift what I once did, but still, I am there and working on it.


I am very pleased with the low carb diet, I have lost weight and hope to keep it going.  Yes, there has been an occasional set back, but I get right back on the horse.  I am not striving to go the KETO route but use many of the Atkins products.  I think if I just avoid breads and desserts it makes a huge difference.  I did learn the hard way that I need to eat some carbs the night before my weight class.  I wasn’t hungry one evening and did not eat at all, but after class almost passed out and my heart rate elevated considerably.  Now, I fix a small meal such as chicken and rice, or veggie pasta with tomato sauce.  It is funny how we call any change to our eating a “diet.”  I am not looking to be on Atkins or Keto…I want to change my eating for always!

So, that is the latest.  All good…progress being made…and I feel great…because I MATTER! Anyone want to share what you are doing for your self-care at the moment?  We would all love to hear!



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