From time to time, I introduce you to beauty and heath products I have personally tested and would recommend for you to also try.  These are products excellent for women over 50….and probably others as well!  Let’s start today, with this Hand Therapy Lotion by Lather.  I use it at night and it is wonderful to wake in the morning with smooth hands.  The shea, oat and olive combination makes a difference.  It is a very good hand cream and I will order it again.

Many of you have commented on the change in my hair in the last year, and one of the reasons is my decision to invest in the Keratase hair products.  It has been so worth it and helped to tame a beast I have spent years trying to tame.  This particular product KERATASE ULTIME works so well for my frizzy hair and gives it a healthy glow.  I tried all of the less expensive brands and nothing works this well on my hair.

I love to crunch, and finding things on my healthy eating plan I can crunch is a bit difficult, but I have fallen for these RW Garcia Sweet Beet Crackers.  They taste so good…have wonderful ingredients…low calorie…and provide the perfect crunch.

With healthy eating in mind, the Atkins French Vanilla Protein Shake is my morning choice for after workout.  These taste like vanilla ice cream.  I often have one on the way to work, but whenever you enjoy one, they are very good.

Hope these product endorsements help you out!  Thanks for being here and make sure you always

keep smiling!

Disclaimer:  Links in the post generate income for the blog.

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