I struggled with the title of this post a little bit…it was either advantages of self -reflection after a new year begins or the disadvantages of a grab & go lifestyle.  Stick with me and I will explain.  Last weekend, I was facing a very busy week ahead, according to my calendar.  I would be working my professional day job every day, and attending appointments and special events afterwards, only to head home each night to work on the blog.  I warned my husband that I would be a whirlwind of activity all week.  Alas, my body had other plans.  I have been sick since last Sunday, and still on-the-mend (though back at work) Needless to say, the calendar blew up!

The advantage of being forced to sit still resulted in some time of self- reflection which can be a very good thing if you do it with a healthy mindset and not allow depression or defeat to set in.  I do my best to always learn from my mistakes or setbacks and to give them permission to set me a path forward.  So, let’s divide the advantages of self-reflection into two posts:  one on health and one on appearance.

Overall, I am seeing how I have allowed a very busy, grab & go lifestyle to affect me in many areas.  Busyness is great and fun, as long as, it is not detrimental to the whole person.  I did begin a purposeful healthy eating plan on January 1, which has mostly been a low carb-based way of eating.  I did not join the Atkins Diet, though I have used some of their products.  But, the grab & go part of me was leaning heavily on processed foods and still eating out too much.  I was losing weight this way, but still not really convinced it was the best way to good health. After spending time with my daughter, who recently joined Weight Watchers, she introduced me to the app and I was fascinated with all I could do with it.  I have been on WW for two weeks and I am losing weight.

But, the self-reflection exercise this week showed me that I must slow down and give time to really important things:

  1. Cook more
  2. Plan meals on the weekends
  3. Eat cleaner – more fresh veggies and fruits
  4. Utilize all the great recipes that have flooded the market from WW participants.
  5. Take the time to make sure this transitions to a lifestyle and not. just an app -based diet
  6. Not use excuses like sickness to take me off the plan.

Around this, I was back to exercising in January, though I just missed a whole week, sick in bed. Self-reflection reminds me to not get defeated by a sickness or blip in the schedule but keep on keeping on.  I remember Weight Watchers from my past, that if I messed up, but got right back on the plan, I still lost the weight.  It was a steady, slower more attainable weight loss program.  So here I am again and will let you know how it goes.

When an athletic team is losing a game, the coach usually calls them over, makes adjustments, and sends them back in, hopefully, for a win.  That is what I am doing…not waiting until next year to adjust but making adjustments now!  I hope to get back with you soon about all that I am learning as I go through self-reflection on my style going forward.  I haven’t really shaken things up for fifteen years…and I think it is past time!!

Has anyone else done a little self-evaluation since the first of the year?  Or perhaps re-evaluated some new year’s resolutions.

Please share!  I will have more later.


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