How to Improve Your Style Today…and It’s Free

In our recent discussions, so many of you want to know how to look your best now, and I want to occasionally feature ideas to improve your style which are absolutely free and you can do right now.  Let’s begin today, with good posture.  I agree with this statement from Helen Gurley Brown… “Good posture is the one most important thing anybody can do now to look better.”



Many of us are from the generation where our mothers made us walk with books on our heads…over and over again.  But without constant reminders…like mothers…it is easy to slip into a literal “slump.”  This was my favorite article when doing research for you of the benefits of good posture:



  1. Better breathing

Research shows that poor posture negatively affects your ability to breathe deeply and fill your lungs. Slouching shortens the muscles at the front of your body and reduces your ability to breathe in fully. Standing up tall may actually improve your ability to bring in good old oxygen by as much as 30%.

  1. Super self-confidence

When you stand up tall, you have a presence that’s noticed by others. You look confident, self-assured, and poised. Slouching and slumping communicate a sad demeanor and a lack of self-esteem.

  1. Back relief

Your body is designed to stand in a “neutral” position in which your pelvis, head, and torso are in a stacked position. Forward head, tilted hips, and overly curved spines put stress on muscles in ways they aren’t designed to endure. And, over the long term, this stress causes pain – usually in your back. When you have good posture, you use the muscles that support your spine properly. Plus, the bones, joints, ligaments, and other connective tissue also all cooperate to keep the entirety of your back feeling less strained and stressed. Standing and sitting with good posture uses your muscles in the way they were designed, so your body – especially your back – feels better.

  1. Improved mood

Your posture affects your mood. Think of how a person looks when depressed – slouched and slumped with shoulders that hunch and a head that hangs. When you feel relaxed and happy, you naturally find an upright, open posture. If you’re feeling down, stand up, pull your shoulders back, and lift your face. This simple action can help you feel more optimistic.

  1. Optimal digestion

When you have good posture, your internal organs align well. That means less compression on your stomach, intestines, and liver, facilitating the free flow of food and digestive juices. A slouched posture inhibits the normal activity of your gastrointestinal system, which makes you vulnerable to digestive distress – including constipation and GERD.

  1. Look skinnier

Good posture can make you look up to 10 pounds thinner. Poor posture can create the appearance of a pot belly and a thicker middle. Stand or sit up tall, and lengthen your frame – the pounds distribute more evenly and make you look more slender.

  1. Reduced headaches

Dropping your head and drooping your shoulders can create unnecessary tension that contributes to headaches. Research shows that people who have a posture featuring a forward  head tend to have more headaches, and they last longer than people who have good posture.

  1. Greater function as you age

Your posture affects how your body ages. If you stand with poor posture, it causes stress on connective tissues – especially at your joints – that can make you feel achy and stiff as you age. Good posture throughout a lifetime can keep you feeling mobile as you get older. As an added bonus, you also look younger.

  1. Boosted energy

Slouching takes work. Your muscles have to work harder when they’re in an unnatural position, which makes them fatigue faster. With good posture, you don’t waste energy as your muscles are being used efficiently.

  1. Improved concentration

The improved oxygen flow that comes with good posture positively affects your brain. The neurons in your brain appreciate the nutrients that come with increased circulation that’s facilitated by good posture too. When your brain’s neurons are nurtured, they fire more effectively – keeping you sharp and on task.

Great benefits!  Do you think about your posture?  When in front of a mirror, do you notice if you slump or not.  It is always good to be mindful aware of our posture and do our own adjustment daily.  You look better and smile more when you do!  Also, I know those of you in Pilates, yoga, and weight training know one of the benefits is an improved posture.  Your clothing really does look better when standing and sitting tall.








This Ralph Lauren jacket was a thrift find a few years back.  Still had all the tags…including the very pricey sales tag…still on.  I have loved it over the years.  The ultimate classic piece.  However, since I plan to continue on my weight loss journey, I will probably not own it much longer.  It will be missed, but the weight I lose will not be missed.  It looked great with jeans and I always wore it with confidence…and hopefully good posture.  I haven’t been thrifting in a while…I need to get back out these…so much fun to treasure hunt.


Let’s talk posture, ladies.  Do you think about it?  Let us know your thoughts…and


Hopefully we will see you join in tomorrow for WOULD YOU WEAR IT?????



  1. You look great! On my way to work this morning I heard a 60-second segment on the radio about posture, talking about how detrimental all the hunching over computers, cell phones, etc is for us. Now your post on posture! You’ve got me sitting up straighter and looking thinner. Thanks! Happy Friday.

  2. If you love that jacket consider finding a good tailor. I did that with some expensive suits for work. Quite happy with results. I love that jacket. I’ll buy it if you sell lol

    1. Of course, a good tailor! I do often forget that option. But, I will let you know if I decide to sell, Dee

  3. I’ve been doing a modified form of Tai Chi for about seven years and a sister-in-law whom I’d not seen in 3 years or so looked at me and said “You really carry yourself so well these days. Your posture is great.” Also, at the doc’s when asked to take a deep breath and slowly release she was done listening long before I was done with my breath and she remarked how good it was to hear such healthy lungs. I attribute it all to the really deep breaths that Tai Chi posturing encourages and uses. If I catch myself slumping I straighten up and feel a surge of energy.

  4. I love your look for today! Thank you for these great tips and reminders. My head is down too much and my back slumped from my job. I am constantly trying to remind myself to sit up straighter and it’s true I do feel better when I do that! Thank you!

  5. I love your jacket! What size is it? If you are truly thinking of not keeping it, i would be interested in buying it from you! Seriously!

    1. You are the second reader to say that! For right now I am going to hang on to it and might get a tailoring quote at some point. I promise to put it out there if I decide to sell. It is a 16W.

      1. I was shocked when you mentioned to someone else the size – i would have thought much smaller – it is a very slimming look and really like that length.

  6. My constant computer work has taken a toll on my posture. I keep seeing ads for little devices that stick on your back to remind you to sit up straight. Cell phones do t help the situation. I’ve always loved that jacket on you. Alter it:)

  7. One thing that happens at thia age is loss of bone density. Now is the time to ask the doctor to monitor this. Posture and loss of bone density can be related.

    1. You are right Binky! My bone density turned around when I started to work with weights. I get it checked every two years!

  8. There are few things better for the wardrobe than a navy blazer. I actually love one more than a black blazer, but that’s just me.

    Congrats on your weight loss! Last year, at 59, I embarked on a weight loss and fitness journey. I wanted to lose fat but more than that, I want to get stronger as I pushed towards the BIG 60. Strength is so critical for women as they age.
    It has made a world of difference. More energy, better sleep, a happier, healthier, fitter version of me. The online program I used produced so positive many changes that I became a coach for it myself. Now I have the joy of leading other women like me on this journey. We eat real food, exercise strategically and REST. The entire experience has been such an enexpected gift.
    Blessings on your own journey!

    1. Exactly why I began Strength training five years ago. It has been so beneficial to me. Thanks for joining in!

  9. Love your outfit Pam! Navy and khaki are such a smart combination. Have a great weekend and thanks as always for your post.

  10. Doctors have seen an increase in patients with neck & back pain because of the time we spend on our computers & phones. We need to be reminded to check our posture. Thanks for your reminder.

  11. Keep that blazer and call the tailor! I’d never get rid of a classic like that-it looks great on and is a real stunner.

    1. After I see how much I can lose, I will call my favorite tailor here and get a quote! Thanks for the guidance Susan!

  12. This is probably my favorite of all your outfits. You just can’t top classic styles. Thanks for the helpful reminders about posture. I thank my mother for all those times she told me to stand up straight and be proud of who I am (and that was long before computers and cell phones).

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