I am so excited to introduce you this week to Ming Wang Designs…where I have discovered a new level of style, comfort, quality, longevity and fun for my over 60 life.  Since the New Year, I have spent great reflection on my style at my current stage of life.  I work two jobs…a more professional managerial job in the day, and as an influencer the rest of the time.  Since, I am in the creative industry, I can back off of the more strident, neutral, suit type of dress many professional careers require. In fact, one of my goals for the warmer weather coming up is to find more outfits without jackets and toppers.

In thinking what I want my wardrobe to look like going forward and one day into retirement, I thought about this phrase:

Life is Short!


With that in mind, and, in regards to, my style, I desire my clothing choices to say:  I choose confidence, excellence, and joy!



  1. I choose confidence!


Sure, I will probably retire someday…though I do not currently see that day ahead, but no matter what my retired life looks like, I want to be confident in everything I wear.  The fit and quality of Ming Wang fashions is impeccable and gives me great confidence in how I look wearing them.  I can see them going to a meeting or going out to lunch or going on a date with my husband and giving me great confidence as I go.

  1. I choose excellence!


Over 50, I have chosen excellence in all that I do and dressing either now or down the road will always be a part of that.  The quality of the Ming Wang foundation pieces are worth every penny because they are timeless.  They are “known for hassle-free care – clothing that is color-fast, fade-and wrinkle-resistant with most pieces being machine washable.  Perfect for travel.  When my sales associate at Dillard’s introduced me to Ming Wang, she told me why she wears the garments most days for her over 60 life, and has built a foundation wardrobe on them….because they last!  She said, “Do not even be tempted to take them to the dry cleaners if the label says to wash.”  Most of the clothes are meant for your laundry room.  I knew I loved the pants and the tank top the minute I tried them on…you will see the tank top tomorrow.

  1. I chose joy!


I want to keep that joyful love of fashion whenever I retire and dress every day as if that day is super special… because it is when I am still here.  I don’t see me becoming a sweat pants around the house kind of girl.  I want every time I go out to be an occasion. Wearing top quality, fun designs helps me to do just that.  I loved these pieces I found by Ming Wang at Dillard’s in the Shops of La Cantera…they certainly fit what I am looking to have in my wardrobe.  I want to get those investment pieces now, and literally wear them for my lifetime.



I tried on this last tunic top while in the store but purchased it 40% off recently in a Dillard’s sale.  Dillard’s has great sales and I scored big with this on

Tomorrow, I am going to show you more from Ming Wang!  I want to encourage everyone moving toward retirement to think about looking your confident best during that time…I truly believe we will enjoy it more that way.  I also want to encourage you to build relationships with sales associates.  Dillard’s still believes in great customer service, and that serves me well when something is about to go on sale or there is a special promotion on the horizon.  I have chosen to pay full price for items I really really wanted, but also found some amazing items on sale as well. If you are in San Antonio, go out to the Shops of La Cantera and make sure you tell the ladies working in Dillard’s that I sent you over!


See you tomorrow for more about Ming Wang!




Disclaimer:  I was provided some product for these posts.

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