Road Trip! What I Wore for Stylish Comfort

I was on a road trip last weekend to see grandchildren and celebrate birthdays!  Six hours in a car means I need comfort clothing, but still want to arrive looking and feeling my best.  For this trip, I chose to go with a fun Soft Surroundings printed stop (so soft and comfy), a vest for Macys, denim from Macys, and my black leather sneakers from Rockport.

By the way, we love to stop in Junction, TX when possible at Cooper’s BBQ…some of the best in the state…and that is saying alot in Texas.  Now, back to clothes, soft knits are a great way to be comfy in a car.

I maintained that theme the rest of the time there….the theme?…soft, fun. and colorful knits!  I even kind of matched the roller rink where the kids now scooter and hooverboard right along with the skaters.

What do you wear on a very long road trip?  Enjoy the travel and by all means………………………………………………………………





  1. Love your travel ensembles. Very cheery! We feel so good when we have confidence in our wardrobe choices. BRAVO.

    1. It is not that much…but a good start. Thanks Mary Ann. I am going to write about it soon.

  2. Great travel outfit! That’s always a challenge. I drive 8 hours to see my grandson in NC, and stylish comfort is essential! Great idea to stop for barbeque! What a treat, and surely not to be missed!

    1. It is so good! I couldn’t get the peach cobbler this time, but the turkey and beans were so good!

  3. My grandchildren live literally around the corner. I feel for those of you who have to TRAVEL to see yours. You seem to find the best stuff at Soft Surroundings, Pam.

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