The beginning of March has just about everyone excited for Spring color to arrive.  Though mountain laurels and even our precious Texas Bluebonnets are blooming, even San Antonio is facing a freeze today and dreary cold weather hangs on.  I know many of you are experiencing far worse weather than a one or two day freeze, but suffice it to say, we all are ready for the warmth and beauty of a new season.

Several commented yesterday on WOULD YOU WEAR IT that the outfit was boring and lacked color.  So, I thought I would give you a platform today…how much color is too much?  What are your favorite ways to wear color?  There are some of you who seem to get angry over wearing black…anyone care to share why?

While we discuss this, I have selected some springtime accessories for your consideration in the slideshow below… for today, let’s have a “colorful” discussion and see if we can warm things up a bit!!  Keep the hope of spring alive and of course


P.S.  I will have some fun styles coming up this week, and will explain why I laid low this past week!

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