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Happy March and Saturday, everyone!  Spring is literally around the corner, so let’s think spring today with our WOULD YOU WEAR IT with Pam & my sweet friend, Jennifer Connolly.  All you do is look over the mannequins we have discovered, and tell us if you would or would not wear the look as styled on the mannequin.  Make sure to leave a detailed comment of why it does or does not work for you…those comments help others.  So start with my look, and then go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her selection.  Remember to go through my slide show below!

So, tell us, WOULD YOU WEAR IT???



  1. I would wear it with the exception of the scarf. I find myself fidgeting with a short scarf too much during the day, readjusting etc so I usually don’t wear them.

  2. Yes, I would. I’d be certain that the pants were slim-fitting due to the boxy shape of the top. I like the pattern and like the scarf very much. The two pieces look good together. There is an absence of color to be sure, but a lot of times I find I prefer that. The neckline on this top looks to be low enough to be flattering (I do better with a scoop neck). The boxy shape is fun for a change of pace, the side slits help, and the length is good. I like this one!

  3. I would not wear the top because it is too boxy. With my large bust, it would tent out and not be flattering at all. Also, I can’t wear ivory as much since I’ve gone gray. I like the pants.

  4. No, I wouldn’t. The top is too boxy as previously stated. I need a more fitted top. Ivory and othe pale colours are not flattering on me. I need stronger colours in cool tones. This style/ length of scarf just isn’t my style.

  5. Love the pattern mix and the colors are very wearable. However, the top is just cut wrong for my body shape & I am doomed to looking for a skinny striped top in a better shape for me to go with that lovely scarf.

  6. I would wear the pants and top. I would switch out the scarf for a brighter one or a fun necklace. I really like the style of the pants!

  7. I would not wear this outfit as the top is too boxy for most female forms. The pants are fine. As for the scarf I would need a pop of colour as the neutrals need some pizzaz!

  8. I really love this look on the mannequin! The slim cut pant works well with a somewhat boxy cut blouse, but would need to try that blouse on. My top is full and I am not sure how the blouse would look on me. I like V-neck blouses and sweaters as they are more complimentary. ( is this blouse VNeck?) Love the scarf knotted as it is on the mannequin, but as I Said Id have to try it on….

  9. I would not wear the scarf, too bulky for me. I might replace it with a softer longer scarf or long piece of jewelry.

  10. Although it wouldn’t work on my figure for same reason as other comments, I like the pattern mix and ivory/black combination.

  11. I’m surprised to realize I would wear this outfit–I like the relaxed fit of the top and have at least one sweater with a similar line. Abd I like slim-line pants.

  12. I like the classic look and would wear with some changes to the top. The sleeves would not work for me – too wide and the length is strange.

  13. I’d wear the pants (pretty sure I own them) and the scarf.
    I’d snip the tag out of the scarf so it doesn’t show. I also wouldn’t double up the scarf as they show. I’d wear it looser and longer.
    The top is too boxy for me and dropped shoulders are very unflattering on my broad shoulders.

  14. I dont think I like the top. The strips going horizontal around my stomach wouldn’t be attractive

  15. Yes I would wear the top now since I have lost a few inches at the gym and of course the pants are a given. I would possibly change the scarf for something brighter and might wear it flowing free. Yep a good choice.

  16. Like others, the top is too boxy, too short and the horizontal stripes at the bottom only accentuates my “mature” body, so no I would not wear the top. Mostly, when I think of Spring, I think of color. This outfit is too drab and dark for Spring. With all the beautiful colors available, black/white combo is not what I want now. I’m ready for some warm weather and color!

  17. I probably will be wearing it. These lightweight box tops are perfect for the hot summers around here. I really like the subtle contrasting stripes. I think I own those pants already.

  18. No, I’m. It on top and this top hanging beyond shoulders and boxy style would excentuate that. Ditto, the scarf. I can do a longer lighter scarf, it have to be careful to. To add more bulk up there

  19. The top is too boxy for me. I like the pants and would wear the scarf so that it was longer and draped/

  20. No, no! The infamous inverted triangle look. The top overwhelms the bottom half. I feel if the outfit make the mannequin out of proportion, it won’t help a human!
    And of course I have to me tion skinny pants make the rest of the body look so much bigger.

  21. I like the outfit but wouldn’t wear the top. The stripes on the band at the bottom would go around me at the worst possible place.

  22. I like the color mix very much, and the scarf is wonderful. But, in my opinion, the style of the top is not very flattering. It’s very boxy and seems too big. The pants are very flattering and the look is so chic with that scarf.

    And, it has a very spring-like look!

  23. I like the overall look of this outfit and wish I could wear it but my figure is a pyramid/a peat. The drop sleeves would emphasize how narrow my shoulders are and the horizontal stripes around the bottom of the top would emphasize how wide my hips are.

  24. I really like this outfit, too. Looks contemporary & comfortable. I also would omit the scarf & add a long necklace. I am ‘busty’ and short scarves add too much bulk where I don’t need it,

  25. The boxy shape is OK with me but I don’t like to mix cream and white together. It takes me back to the “got dressed in the dark” issue. So no to the scarf and top together.

  26. Definitely! This is my kind of look. Slim black pants with an interesting top and scarf. What I love about this look is you can change shoes and be good to go – sneakers to run errands, loafers for lunch and a movie, and heels for date night.

  27. I would totally wear this whole outfit, Pam. I like black and white together and, to me, the top looks very classic with the scarf as an ebellishment. This outfit could easily be worn on so many occasions; work, out with friends, errands, date night, etc.

  28. I like this a lot. The mix of white/cream is very modern. I don’t think the horizontal stripes would accentuate the tummy because the top flows away from the body and the colors and size of the stripes are very subtle. With the slim pants I think it would flatter the mature figure, which is usually a bit of an apple. Every piece looks comfortable and versatile.

  29. Definitely yes. It’s a clean, sharp look for work or out to dinner. This is my style and I believe it would look good on any age or body type.

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