OK…I am no Iris Apfel, but this classic work look, is actually me adding a touch of whimsy to my dressing.  Those are flamingos on my blouse and I really love them!  I know it is not “in your face creativity”, but I like what this look says about me!

I discovered this blouse on Nordstrom Rack recently, and on this site you have to act quickly (with the idea it might need a return) because items go so fast online. But, no return necessary for this top by BeachLunchLoungeCollection.

It is soft, silky (100% Viscose) and fun.  Pink flamingos have been a source of humor most of my life in Texas.  When I was in high school, some students (NOT me) would take them from the houses using them as serious yard decorations and put a whole bunch of them in one yard of a teacher or fellow student.  So somehow, over the years I have learned to love the pink bird.  Most designs I have seen are in your face flamingo patterns, but this understated pattern, just put a smile on my face!

I decided to pair it with my Eileen Fisher Kimono jacket (since black is in the pattern) and my blue Eileen Fisher pants. (Hmmmm, pink and blue. Maybe I will wear it to a baby shower!)  I chose the bling bracelet for a touch more fun, but to go with the bronze in my ballet flats.  I want to keep a look out for a fun pin to wear with this look on the jacket…it would add so much to the birds on the shirt.  I have my eye on the Chicos butterfly or parrot in the slideshow below.

Now, don’t laugh at me when I say this is my way of being whimsical with fashion.  I think as I move on in years it will gradually get bolder.  But this is a good way at work to say I am a creative professional.

What are some ways you show a touch of whimsy with your style? Or do you avoid it altogether?  Let’s talk……………….and at least look at these birds as a way to



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