Dressing with a Touch of Whimsy

OK…I am no Iris Apfel, but this classic work look, is actually me adding a touch of whimsy to my dressing.  Those are flamingos on my blouse and I really love them!  I know it is not “in your face creativity”, but I like what this look says about me!

I discovered this blouse on Nordstrom Rack recently, and on this site you have to act quickly (with the idea it might need a return) because items go so fast online. But, no return necessary for this top by BeachLunchLoungeCollection.

It is soft, silky (100% Viscose) and fun.  Pink flamingos have been a source of humor most of my life in Texas.  When I was in high school, some students (NOT me) would take them from the houses using them as serious yard decorations and put a whole bunch of them in one yard of a teacher or fellow student.  So somehow, over the years I have learned to love the pink bird.  Most designs I have seen are in your face flamingo patterns, but this understated pattern, just put a smile on my face!

I decided to pair it with my Eileen Fisher Kimono jacket (since black is in the pattern) and my blue Eileen Fisher pants. (Hmmmm, pink and blue. Maybe I will wear it to a baby shower!)  I chose the bling bracelet for a touch more fun, but to go with the bronze in my ballet flats.  I want to keep a look out for a fun pin to wear with this look on the jacket…it would add so much to the birds on the shirt.  I have my eye on the Chicos butterfly or parrot in the slideshow below.

Now, don’t laugh at me when I say this is my way of being whimsical with fashion.  I think as I move on in years it will gradually get bolder.  But this is a good way at work to say I am a creative professional.

What are some ways you show a touch of whimsy with your style? Or do you avoid it altogether?  Let’s talk……………….and at least look at these birds as a way to




  1. Hi Pam! You look great as always, and I love your flamingoes. I thought I’d share a styling tip that I learned from @dcstylefactory on Instagram. She’s a proponent of tucking in shirts loosely and letting them fall over the waistband. She feels it creates a waist, helps us look slimmer, and makes our legs look longer. Even though I’m short waisted and a bit of an apple shape, I find this to be more flattering than wearing my tops longer and untucked. Try it; you might like it! ?

  2. Thanks for sharing Barb. I have tried it and right now it is not a flattering style for my body shape, but I hope by the end of summer to change that!!

  3. Keep on keeping on, Pam. You are doing and looking great. I need to follow your example!

  4. You look wonderful! Would you share who the bronze flats were made by and where you found them. I am currently looking for a pair. Thanks.

  5. Fun fun fun! I bought a blouse with tiny ice cream cones on it last summer and it was almost too much whimsy’s for me.
    Your weight loss is really evident. Bravo Pam!!

  6. Ahh, Pam…you make me smile because I love the whimsy touches. You help me feel a bit bolder when I dress now and it is so much more fun! You are looking great.

  7. Hi Linda, these are Cole Haan… and I bought them at Dillard’s a few years back! But recently saw them on Colehaan. Com. I love mine and wear the often!

  8. Thanks Elaine! I love that complement but will need new clothes and not ready for that yet! Good problem to have!!

  9. I love flamingos, too. I have a pair of white jeans from Chico’s that have the pink flamingos embroidered on them. I style them with a bright pink tank top coupled with a pink kimono style wrap that can be tied in the front or worn loose. Those bronze flats rock!

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