Welcome to News for Women of a Certain Age where I select stories which may be of interest just for you!  I just love this photo…I can envision sitting with a friend under an umbrella for a rich, bold cup of coffee while experiencing fresh fruit on the side.  Care to join me?  While we are visiting, let’s discuss some of these news stories……………….

We learned this week that the way you walk makes a HUGE difference in our physical and mental health.  Read about The Way We Walk HERE.

In an effort to keep our minds alert, more and more of us are taking collegiate classes either online or even at local colleges.  You may not be aware that there are several ways to do this for free or for deep discounts.  Check out this information HERE

This information is from last year, so make sure you call or check online for up to date information.

Many of us are familiar with Laura Ashley and she is back with a spring collection.  Find it HERE!  

I use to love her clothes and bedroom linens

Any medical headlines I share are for you to take to your doctor and spend time discussing.  I only reveal what is out there and then you can decide if it is important for you along with your doctor.  Researchers this month have revealed that Pet Scans may help medical professionals track and diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease.  Check out the research article HERE. 

There are several areas in this article where I have recently had to make modifications.  It was hard to admit and hard to go there, but my trainer has really helped me to understand that a deadlift at 175 may just be in my past.  As long as I am working with weights now, I have to be patient to work with less and not consider that a waste of time.  This is a good article to read and consider. But I am not avoiding all of these, just modifying…though I never did a box jump and happy to say I never will!! 7 Exercises You May Want to Avoid.

I am so happy to say HAPPY 97th BIRTHDAY TO DORIS DAY!  One of my favorite performers always….such a classy lady with a beautiful smile and I always loved her movies and music as a young girl.  She is just as beautiful today as she was in this photo.  Perhaps her love of animals is one of the reasons she has experienced long life…they have given her great joy!

Ok, ladies how about we finish our coffee and go shopping?  You in?  Thanks for stopping by and as always……………………………………..


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