Spring 2019: The Return of Blazers with Strong Shoulders

One of the Spring 2019 fashion trends is the return of strong shoulders in jackets and suit blazers.  I know for some it brings back bad memories of exaggerated shoulder pads with Star Trek type styling (remember the 70s and 80s).  However, these new styles are strong, but not overdone.

I prefer structure in a jacket or blazer and find it chic, stylish and more flattering when the structure exists.  The softer ones do not look as good on me. I prefer structure like the pink crepe one I am wearing here.

This is a good jacket to wear buttoned, but I like it so much with the fun necklace that I wear it opened.  Today is a typical work outfit for me with the Eileen Fisher pant.  Both pieces are the crepe material so popular right now.  I also love a jacket like this with jeans.

So, what do you think?  Do you like the return of the strong shoulder or think it should stay in the past? Please comment and make sure you are registered to win the Soft Surroundings Gift Bag HERE.


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    1. You look great in this lovely pink with shoulder structure, but for me, not so much. I like the softer look of sweater Blazers…Iown one in navy and one in a peachy tone, and adore them! They are from talbots and so very versatile!
      But, I won’t say leave them in the past…no, no.
      Love your blog, your style!

  1. My shoulders are wide so any padding is too much for my frame. Unstructured works best for me and also for my retired, super casual life style.
    I love the color of your jacket and also your necklace.

  2. I like Structured that is not overdone (I.e. 70 and 80’s). I like the jacket you’re wearing, perfect for this season!

  3. That jacket looks really great on you, the structure and the color as well. I would definitely wear it!!! And the necklace is perfect with it.

  4. I have small shoulders, so padded jackets actually look good on me. I will have to pull out two that I could not part with from 15 years ago. One is a double breasted navy light weight wool.. Hence why I didn’t let it go. The other is a McCloud plaid with perfectly matched seams everywhere. Another reason why I saved it. It was also the last garment I made, so was hanging onto it for sentimental reasons. Think I will put a couple of looks together.

  5. The jacket you have on is lovely. Sometimes a small shoulder pad can make a jacket hang better. I like structured jackets for a more dressed up look. Unstructured jackets create a more casual feel.

  6. A little padded shoulder is good with my small frame (5′ 1″, 120 lbs.) It balances my figure well and makes me look slimmer and taller. I always use them in jackets.

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