Foxcroft’s Spring Collection: Trustworthy Creative Classics + A Savings Code

I have worked with Foxcroft Collection before and I am thrilled to be asked to show you a style from their spring collection.  The collection is full of what I call creative classics.  Because, Foxcroft blouses are known for their classic style, quality fabrics, and creative designs.

This is a trusted brand found in top retailers, as well as, online.  They have been here for over 30 years and have built a company on the foundation of a classic button-down top.  When I say built upon it, I mean simply they have brought us new creative designs with each season also made from quality, high end fabrics.  The brand is completely trusted in the non-iron realm and I think one of the first to offer dependable non-iron shirts.

Whether you are working or retired, I can guess that you want effortless clothing.  Clothing you can depend on to be non-iron if the label says it and clothing you can depend on to wear well over time.  I own several Foxcroft tops and tunics and they have withstood time in my wardrobe.  For those who love classic-style, this brand is a must.

I think this Carlene Nautical Stripe Tunic top is so much fun!  I confess I was a little skeptical when I saw the horizontal stripes, but the design of the top, and the angled stripes in the back, keep this tunic flattering. It is so comfy (made from 100% cotton) and will be a go to top throughout the summer. I love that they included pockets in the design. The brand offers their clothing in many sizes, so I feel confident you can find a good fit with Foxcroft.  If you are plus size and love this look, then here is the link.

Check out their Spring Collection here.  I have a couple of more designs I am thinking about.  Very creative and fun….and it includes my favorite design…flamingos!  Now, for the big finale, there is a savings code just for you! This is valid for a limited time: 20% off the purchase and the code to put in at checkout is PAMFOX!  (I love PAMFOX!  Made me smile…so remember all of you should….)





Disclaimer:  I received product for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. A new name for my favorite Foxcroft style: Paityn, and it’s the ‘4 large button’ wrinkle free/no iron shirt. This style has a wonderful “fitted” look, not overly fitted but enough that gives me ‘shape’. I am short and am working on reducing some pounds, but in the meantime, I feel that I look ‘bigger’ in large, shapeless, boxy shirts. The Paityn never wrinkles and has just enough shape to give a bit of definition that is, indeed, slimming. I don’t think I would consider buying another blouse now, other than Foxcroft. I am working on eliminating ‘impulse buying’ and building a permanent wardrobe of good quality basics that can mix and match with one another. I hope to have 4-6 “Paityns” in a variety of colors, but will state that nothing looks better with jeans, than the white Paityn! This shirt has ‘body’ and will not wilt on you or look messy. I, like Pam, live in the Texas of the hot summers, and the Foxcroft Paityn is the brand & style I can go to again and again…It never lets me down! Suzanne from Austin, TX…

  2. I love the shirt you’re wearing Pam. Stripes call my name every time! This is an excellent brand, and I’m firmly in the no-iron camp! Going to do some looking around on the site. It’s been awhile for me, but your look and Suzanne’s review have done the trick!

  3. Very smart looking shirt, Pam. You look both fashionable and comfortable in this outfit. Sometimes not all that easy to do.

  4. Foxcroft shirts and tunics have long been a staple for me. I love the longer lengths and the choice of colors and prints. Besides that, they hold up wash after wash. Great look, Pam!

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