Today, I am wearing another earth tone colored spring outfit…not the usual spring colors.  However, these are colors that really resonate with me.  I found some inspiration recently on a couple of my favorite blogs and on Pinterest.  Great places to go for inspiration.

Usually, I pull out these red rust colored Metro Leggings from Soft Surroundings (see slideshow below) in the fall.  I like being able to wear them longer than that and this is a good work outfit for me.  Some are also referring to lighter shades of this as Cinnamon and styling it for spring.  With the wet weather constant this week, I could wear a few jackets ad be very comfortable because the excessive heat has not set in yet…but, believe me, I know it is on the way.  I love looking for inspiration online, however, allow me to throw up a red caution flag if you also do this.  Remember, comparisons will only make you miserable and rob you of your joy.  There are plenty of over 50 bloggers who are very stylish, or skinny, or wealthy, or well- traveled…or all of the above and it is easy to slip into a “woe is me mindset.”  Please don’t give in to that.  You are beautiful and special just as you are…embrace it…and find the joy in where you are right now.  It is amazing how once we accept ourselves how we can more easily move forward to enhance ourselves.  When I began years ago to dress the body I had and embrace who I was at the size and age I was, how then I was more willing to look at ways to take better care of my body through improved eating and exercise.

If you are going to spend time online, try to find little nuggets of inspiration or information you can take away from each place and don’t get bogged down with comparisons to the blogger.  Look for ways to experience new discoveries you can apply to your own life.  If you find yourself getting depressed over comparisons, then get off the computer and stay away for awhile.  I know…I know…I am a blogger saying this.  But it is easy for me to get caught in the comparison game as well.  It can be a dangerous place, so navigate it with caution.

There are a lot of great sales out there right now for Mother’s Day!  I found some fun pieces and placed in the slideshow below…so enjoy!

Any special plans for Mother’s Day weekend?  Please share!   Thank you for being here and always, always


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