Yes, it’s Friday and what better way is there than for me to celebrate the return of lighter colored jeans and scarves to my life, so here is how I styled them.  Some of the wardrobe pieces I have not been wearing as often as I use two are these pieces. I  have not owned a lighter pair of jeans for some time, because the darker wash really is more flattering and, I think, takes a denim style up a notch.  They just look “less casual” to me.  But, after losing some weight, I have been ready to introduce light denim back into my casual wardrobe.  And JJill was where I found the fit I liked the best.  I feel good in these for casual wear, but when I want to take things up a notch (yet still be in jeans) I still go with the darker color.

There was a time in my life, my nickname was The Scarf Lady because I wore scarves often.  I guess it was so excessive that I walked away from it …yet, held on to the large collection I own.  Scarves are so wonderful because they can be found at any price point and most often the ones I have found on thrift hunts have been in excellent condition.  Lately, I have returned to scarves again. This silk scarf is a new favorite I think because of the colors in it…soft with a pop of reds.  I liked it with this outfit and actually wore it for casual Friday last week.

Now, I do not wear as many scarves in warm weather only because they are hot around my neck.  However, I am happy to have them back in my life and will be wearing them more often now….especially next fall.

The white top is an Eileen Fisher button knit tunic I got on clearance about three or four years ago and I think it makes a very comfortable and casual topper for a look like this.

So, does everyone here own more than one shade of denim for your jeans, or is there one shade you only wear?  Please share why and how you came to this decision for your style?   The slideshow below is full of Mother’s Day gift ideas…for you…or others!  And, as always….


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