Today, I want to show you how one fabulous, statement piece can take neutral workwear up a notch and, also, continue to celebrate the new journey for designer Paulette Martsof and Allie-Coosh.  If you missed yesterday’s post, you can find

Paulette Martsolf Update

My original 2013 Post about Paulette

I have written often how my signature style is all about my accessories. A fabulous silk scarf like the one designed by Paulette here can truly take a neutral look to another level.  I want the world to know I am creative and my wardrobe needs to speak that message daily.  It is wonderful when we can find a true artist and designer like Paulette to help us enjoy our style and stand apart from the crowd.  Allie-Coosh Scarves

Paulette has been in business over 28 years, and is now an over 60 entrepreneur.  I asked her what kept her going to work each day and she said, Being an over 50 entrepreneur who has now passed on to her sixties (yikes I still feel like a 30 year old) is an awesome place to be.  I started at the bottom and built an amazing business from an initial $12,000  investment. I made my mistakes, I paid my dues, I had to reinvent myself over and over again with the changes in our society and I worked 24/7 for the first 15 years.   And I would not change a thing.  The best part of this stage of business is the security of knowing I have succeeded!  Now it is much more experimental and fun as I have reduced the overhead and stress level and returned back to the roots of the business.  I am once again doing all the designing, even cutting and sewing and I couldn’t be happier.  Kelly has stepped up to the plate and manages the day to day operations and our team is incredible.  A group of women who love coming to work and helping each other and our customers each day.”

She has lessons and encouragement to offer all of us, “The biggest lesson I have learned for my particular business is to oversee the manufacturing of your products to ensure you maintain quality control and to appreciate and reward the people who make the products.  Without them there would be no business.  We treat each other with respect and we make sure that our clients received the type of customer service that is difficult to find in today’s retail environment.”


As for the encouragement for the rest of us in our sixties and still dreaming, “So you are over 50 and it is time for a change.  Go for it!!!!!!  Age is a number.  Find what makes you excited!  Today I still wake up with butterflies so enthralled about creating yet something else new and beautiful.  I know it sounds cliche but find your passion.  When you do you never really work a day in your life.  I smile when people say to me ’Thank God it is Friday’!  The day of the week doesn’t really matter.  I work most Saturdays but so what every day is TGIF to me!”

It has been great to catch up with Paulette and spend a couple of days with her on the blog.  If you live in Dallas or visiting, stop in and say HI.  Make sure you tell her I sent you!

Allie-Coosh 521 N. Interurban St. Richardson, TX . 75081 . This is where fashion and art collides.

Remember, anything is possible and KEEP SMILING!

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post, but the words are my own.

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