Recently, I told you how I was going to begin wearing clothes which fit my body better and to ease up on oversized clothing going forward.  For the most part, I have been true to that, but I still have a few oversized toppers I really love.  I don’t wear this Nine West Topper to look thinner or taller…I wear it because I love it.  I own a few oversized toppers because I am attracted to the “artist-smock” appeal they have.  This is a style which really speaks to my creativity without any vibrant color.

My favorite way to wear this is with black, but it also looks great with my olive pants, pink pants, and white pants.  It is lightweight, flowy and just makes me feel like the creative, communications professional I am.  So, despite what anyone would say, I will continue to wear it.

This necklace is great.  I found it a few years ago in a local consignment shop.  I think if you go out with the intention to find statement pieces with your accessories, your eyes will be more open to those pieces when you are treasure hunting.  One of my favorite things to do is to spend an afternoon going through thrift and re-sale shops in search of a “find.”  This one was and I have loved it ever since I discovered it.

Do you have pieces you treasure and love to wear though they may not be the most flattering garments on you?  Am I just being a tad rebellious here?  What are your very favorite pieces in your wardrobe right now.  Please share!  And, of course,


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