Recommended Products for Women Over 50

Happy Weekend, everyone!  I have some exciting products to share with you today and I am so glad you are here!  These are my recommended products for women over 50.  I do this every now and then so you see products I have tested and found on my own.  Let’s start with a reader request from Friday’s post about Chamonix Skincare Products.  Martha asked to see a side by side of my face before using the products and after.  The above image is right before I started using them in 2018, and the bottom is 11 months later.  I used nothing but Chamonix in those 11 months (and no special procedures either) and as you can see there is quite a difference.  Just go to my link if you would like to read more.  Now, for the other products….

As the years march by, I need a good mirror in the mornings more and more.  This LED mirror by Toliettree is exceptional.  I love the size, and the light, and the little tray on the bottom…which I believe was originally designed to hold jewelry, but I like it for the makeup items, like brushes that I use with the mirror.  A great mirror like this is so good for tweezing and for makeup application.  I can see what’s really going on.  I am certain my husband is using this when I am not looking!  You will need 4 AAA Batteries to operate it.

Speaking of Mr. B, he has developed a love of omelettes, so in an effort to make them perfect every time, I ordered this Holstein Omelette Cooker and we love it so much!  No two have been alike, since it is super easy to mix up a recipe and cook it in the pan.  We have created Western, Mexican, Garlic Spinach, Mushroom….just to name a few.  I love this and you can fix a pretty plate with the omelette, fruit and healthy toast.  It works so well.  Easy Sunday morning brunch.

Through my new eating plan, I am learning not to deprive myself of favorites but to eat with portion control and moderation, I can still eat the things I love. So, with brunch in mind, I also ordered a Mini Scone Pan, and it is the perfect size scone to get what I like and not over indulge.  Also, I have found some tasty gluten free scone recipes.  Any omelette with a blueberry scone is a favorite around here.

Now, that I know a better way to eat, I can still enjoy eating and favorite recipes…again with portion control and moderation…that is why I still love this cookbook, Magnolia Table, from Joanna Gaines.  It takes all of my Southern cooking favorites up a notch.  This is the style of cooking I was raised on and I still love it for family gatherings.  I highly recommend this cookbook.  I cannot wait until next fall to pull out some of these favorites and try them on my family when we have our large gatherings.

The Eat Live Thrive Diet book has some good information in it.  I learned a lot about stress eating, healthy self messaging in regards to eating, and details about metabolism.  They explain the word DIET comes from a Greek word meaning, “a way of living.”  Many of us think of it as deprivation and a bad experience.  Their definition is: “I choose a lean, healthy, and thriving lifestyle by intentionally eating and living in ways that maximize my vitality, minimize my weight and risk of disease, and allow me to fully enjoy my life.”  I like that!  Don’t you?  As I said, good information in the book and you may like their eating plan so much you choose to follow it.  I am taking what I learned from them and applying to my Weight Watchers’ plan.

Finally, it is time to relax!  I love my Serene House essential oil diffuser and humidifier from Soft Surroundings!  It is beautiful and looks lovely in our bedroom, but it really does the job.  It got me through the end of oak allergy season, and now brings a moment of relaxation after work.  I highly recommend if you  are in need of a great diffuser.  I want to try out the Good Night Oil next.  Look in the slideshow below for information.

That’s is for now!  All are great products and go along way to making certain we……………….



Disclaimer:  Some of these products were provided for review, and affiliate links may bring income to me, but the words of these reviews are my own.


  1. The scone pan is interesting to me. I have never made them that way, and yes, end up with many! I can’t do deprivation either Pam. If I feel deprived, I cheat! On weekends I always have dessert, popcorn, something that’s a treat , and your omelets and scones are just the thing! Today I went for a long bike ride which gives me some leeway. Always a good thing! I’m going to check out the scone pan!

    1. They are easy and just the right size! I am impressed you did the bike ride! You go girl!!

  2. I really appreciate your comments about diet. It’s a highly charged topic. I feel very motivated by observing your journey. I have a lot of knowledge about healthy eating, but my disordered thinking can derail my efforts. It’s so easy to feel deprived or resentful. The quote above from EATLIVETHRIVE is so much more positive and powerful. I have ordered the book. Thank you and here’s to your continuing success.

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