Sorry Purple, I’ve Been Seeing Pink!

Most of you are aware purple is my favorite color, but I have to say that lately I have spent new time with pink and I am warming up to it.  In the past, pink and I have not been friends.  In fact,  I scoffed at it for a long time and was proud to say it was not in my wardrobe.  But, perhaps I am softening up because lately, I have been drawn to more and more pink items.

Like these pink pants by JJill (which I recently purchased on sale)…but what is even better is that I can wear them with my purple silk jacket and actually have both colors around together.  I have purchased three pieces since Christmas that are all pink and that is huge for me. The pieces to this outfit are:

Jacket – past purchase from Chico’s

White top – past purchase at Kohl’s

Pastel colored necklace – past purchase at the Loft

Nude patent pointed toe flats – Rockport

Brahmin handbag – past purchase at Dillards

The pants begin this slideshow:

I am suprised at how many items in my closet look great with pink…I will get a lot of mileage out of the pieces I purchased.  Like I said this is new for me, but it is good to be open to new things!

Anyone else wearing a new color this spring?  What is it and what did you tart with…how is the relationship going?  I will be seeing pink for awhile….



  1. I love pink and have quite a bit in my wardrobe. I fell for the JJILL pink jeans. Your pants are so nice with the cuff, it can make them a dressier option, but they also work for casual, so very versatile! I use pink as a neutral, especially the lighter shades like this one. Pink is such a cheerful color and goes well with so many others. Your pants look terrific with that jacket!

    1. Thank you, Karen. You are right…it is a cheerful color… now you have me thinking about the jeans!

      1. I too hated pink for years … would not even try it on. Now, perhaps because I’m wearing my hair so much lighter to soften my features and blend in the gray, I’m finding it very flattering. I agree, it mixes beautifully. I wear it with navy, black, chocolate brown, olive, white, and my favorite … leopard. Generally, I dislike pastels and find spring and summer dressing daunting. Pink really helps out. Most of my wardrobe is neutrals, and pink is a lovely spark in place of the tan I often use this time of year. That said, I’m absolutely loving the white/tan/khaki head to toe tonal looks that are so popular this year.

  2. I’m glad you found some pink to incorporate. A lot of times, I think the shades of pink can make or break the color. It really has become a neutral, at least in my wardrobe as it combines with everything so well. Plus, there’s a lot of great style offerings right now. It’s funny, because while I don’t dislike purple, it’s one of those colors that I can’t seem to find in shades I love very often.

    1. I love the deep, saturated, eggplant purples…always loved it! Thanks for sharing Kim!

  3. I too have just discovered pink. I have purchase a pink London Fog bag and pink Nautica tennis shoes. I have also added a top and long vest. I have been having fun mixing and matching the pieces.

      1. Pink has made me join the conversation for the first time! I now use pink quite a bit as a replacement for white- it’s less stark, a less “uniform” look than white and lots of pink shades seems to complement my coloring. Love pink in all shades!

  4. Your pink is lovely. Rediscovered pink for first time since childhood a couple of years ago. I, too, started with a pair of J.Jill pants, added a long linen shirt, pink tank and a long pink sweater. Have mixed and matched and now own a pair of pink suede sandals.

  5. I have the JJill pink pants and paired with a grey sweater this winter. I’ll wear them with a multi-colored tunic (lots of pink) from Soft Surroundings this spring/summer. I do have a purple tunic from SS and you’ve given me an idea to pair my pink with that tunic. Pink could pair with brown too.

    1. Love pink with gray or brown. It really does act as a neutral. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Always have loved hot pink! Pale pink can drain my pale face. Recently I’ve been working with pale pinks in a handbag/shoe combination. Looks lovely and cool with my summer navy/blue/white items. Also find it blends nicely with my corals.

  7. My favorite color is that antique, beige-y pastel pink. Cashmere sweaters, silk blouses, even roses – so beautiful!

  8. Purple is my favorite color as well but there is so much pink being shown this spring (and a bit last spring/summer) I have added it to my wardrobe and have become very fond of it. Pink pairs well with so many colors and I especially like it with navy. There are so many shades of pink and I purchased some sweaters in pink this past fall/winter which really adds happiness to a winter wardrobe.

  9. I’ve embraced pale blue this spring which I gave up because “baby blue” wasn’t something I wanted associated with my look.
    Your handbag is fabulous!!❤️❤️

  10. I love pink. Always have. I don’t love purple. In fact, it is the one color I actively dislike. (I can deal with a very pale lavender.) I know I’m in the minority, but you can look at it this way: more purple for you.

    1. Sorry to invoke your hatred of purple, Kay. Purple looks good on me and supports the style messages I desire to send. I know it is not loved by all… and that’s ok! I don’t think I own any lilac…not a fan there

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