Most of you are aware purple is my favorite color, but I have to say that lately I have spent new time with pink and I am warming up to it.  In the past, pink and I have not been friends.  In fact,  I scoffed at it for a long time and was proud to say it was not in my wardrobe.  But, perhaps I am softening up because lately, I have been drawn to more and more pink items.

Like these pink pants by JJill (which I recently purchased on sale)…but what is even better is that I can wear them with my purple silk jacket and actually have both colors around together.  I have purchased three pieces since Christmas that are all pink and that is huge for me. The pieces to this outfit are:

Jacket – past purchase from Chico’s

White top – past purchase at Kohl’s

Pastel colored necklace – past purchase at the Loft

Nude patent pointed toe flats – Rockport

Brahmin handbag – past purchase at Dillards

The pants begin this slideshow:

I am suprised at how many items in my closet look great with pink…I will get a lot of mileage out of the pieces I purchased.  Like I said this is new for me, but it is good to be open to new things!

Anyone else wearing a new color this spring?  What is it and what did you tart with…how is the relationship going?  I will be seeing pink for awhile….


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