Happy Memorial Day!  I am going to answer a reader question:  what do you wear for summer casual…specifically she asked, what do you wear around the house when nothing is really going on?  What I am showing you today would be typical, around the house wear.

I am not as comfortable in shorts as I used to be, so I like a form fitting cropped look.  These Metro Leggings Crops from Soft Surroundings have been a favorite of mine for several summers.  I often wear them around the house with different tops…like this one from Chicos.  The leather flip flops are new for this summer and are by Clark from Macys’  I have all of these in the slide show below…except the exact top from Chicos.  I love green and wear various shades of green all year long.  For me, when I am around the house, what I wear has everything to do with comfort…but still feeling like I can run to the grocery and not be embarrassed if I run into someone I know.

What my husband and I wear off and on all weekend, are our “poppy pins.”  We wear these to pay tribute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for America…for our freedoms.  We believe it is important for all of us to take a moment today to say Thank You in our own ways to those who serve.

Hope you enjoy your day.  Let Summer 2019 officially begin!


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