My youngest son blessed me on Mother’s Day with a gift card to the hiatus spa in San Antonio’s amazing area called The Pearl.  This is a great post to read if you are going to visit San Antonio, live here, or if you need a reminder to put you on your priority list and remember “I Matter.” Yes, I work two busy jobs, and I am a wife, mom, and grandmother with areas of stress that occasionally pop up.  So, this day of pampering was much needed.

First of all, coming to The Pearl  on an early summer morning was wonderful.  I had not been before this early when people are enjoying the patios at the coffee shops, and the dew is still on the beautiful vegetation…birds are singing and there is peace.  I enjoyed just sitting a moment and soaking in the early refreshment.  This is a refurbished brewery which has been award-winning and is the destination for many. It is a must-experience when in San Antonio.

But, 90 minutes of Swedish massage was on my mind, and it was what you would want a massage to be….TOO SHORT.  I received the treatment called THE SIGNATURE, and it was so relaxing.  Regular massage can be important for a complete good health routine, and I know there are some insurance plans which will cover them…especially on a Flex Card Plan.  Regular massage has served me well over the years and I highly recommend.

Enjoying your massage in a spa situation, where they have all of the elements to help us relax is icing on the cake.  Make sure if you stop by hiatus that you have the Comforting Hot Tea.  So good…and yes, comforting.

I was starving when I left the spa and looked to my left to see Larder…a wonderful, eclectic sandwich/coffee shop which is actually a part of the fabulous Hotel Emma. I highly recommend their veggie open faced sandwich with their homemade hummus.  It was exactly what I wanted!

An amazing, much-needed day…thank you to my son!  I am ready to dive into another week!  What have you done for you lately?  Remember self-care is so important.  Now, in honor of these special days, I have a few Father’s Day ideas in the slide show below.  Fathers need these blessings also!

Remember, I Matter posts are a reminder to take care of YOU.  We can do much more for others when we take care of number 1 and feel our best.  So do something for you this week.  It helps tons to get us to


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