Well, Eileen FIsher isn’t actually in the dressing room with me, but I thought it might help a few of you who like the brand to discuss the process I go through when in the dressing room with her designs.

Let me address a few issues first.  I am a huge Eileen Fisher fan though there are many many pieces I would not wear.  Her brand is the foundation of my wardrobe and I believe the pieces I own will be worn the rest of my life from the professional life through retirement.  The crepe pants someone mentioned yesterday are amazing and I own them in six colors.  I have tried cheaper crepe pants and they do not fit or wear as well.  The EF pants fit and wear so well.  My cost per wear on these pieces are pennies because I wear them so often.  They are foundations and literally workhorses in my wardrobe.  Would I buy them if I were retired?  Only if I was active in retirement with volunteering, events, or going out a lot with friends and family.  But, I will keep and wear what I currently own. She has a great brand for working and for retirement.

I rarely pay full price for my EF pieces.  I shop her on sale often, and with July clearance around the corner, I will be once again looking at her winter collection, on sale pieces.

These are the pieces on the left from yesterday’s mannequin.  The pants are excellent quality and I really liked them…which was a surprise to me.  I think with the right top and my ballet flats this would be a cute outfit.  When I try on EF, I try to take three sizes in the dressing room with me.  Some of her things run huge, and some run small.  In one garment, I might be a M…in another, an XL.  The key is always taking more than one size with you.  Her sizing is not consistent, you must try the pieces on.  This black top did not work at all.

I have written before how happy I was to see the earth tones on trend for summer.  They are my favorites.  I do wear traditional “summer” colors…only because I feel like I must in the warmer months.  This green and black are a part of my saturated, earth tone wardrobe.

I like this top a lot, but wish it was not so translucent. If this style shows up in her fall and winter line, I would seriously consider it in a heavier fabric, because I like the design of the top.  I might keep an eye on it through sales, but it would need a significant drop for me to consider it.  It is a very pretty design though.

You just cannot assume that all of the EF designs are big and frumpy.  Many are not, and you just need to take several sizes with you into the dressing room. I love the pants, and her jackets, and I own a few cardigans and special tops.  Always think about the cost per wear.  If you are retired and not going to wear something as much, then cost does become a bigger deal.  But, if you are going to wear them often, like I do, it makes sense to get something where you look and feel your best wearing it.

Always think about styling as well.  I loved the suggestion yesterday to put a jean jacket, sandals, and a big hat with that dress.  I can see that!  Great idea.

For those of you who are confident with how the brand fits you, both slide shows in this post feature EF on sale pieces.  There is some good shopping here!



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