Summer jackets: Look for cool fabrics & flattering lines

The heat is on, but despite summer I still wear jackets occasionally in cool fabrics and with flattering lines and shape.  I am calling this Zenergy garment from Chico’s a jacket, though I am not wearing a blouse with it.  So, I suppose it is more of a top.

I found this last year on a clearance rack and though I was not in need of this type of garment, I thought I would try it on because the placement of the pockets and a zipper up the back looked interesting.  The price was right, so I took it to the dressing room with me….and so glad I did.  This is one of my most flattering jackets in my wardrobe.  Yes, the length is just right at the bottom of the hip (or top of the thigh), but the way the pockets angle and the buttons down the front just take the eye where you want it and it is a very figure flattering style.  The neckline can button up high, or be allowed to hang in this V shaped neckline …my favorite neckline.


The fabric is cool and relaxed.  I wore this for casual Friday at work and was very comfortable even out in the heat later in the day.  It pays to spend time in the dressing room to really think over a garment before you wear it.  I do not recommend shopping if there is no time to spend in the dressing room.  And, as in the case of this garment, sometimes it pays to try something on because it looks as though the design or the sewing will cause it to do something special when it is worn.

Do you have any favorites in your closet which surprised you in the dressing room?  Please share the story!  And, as always,




  1. Can’t go wrong with navy blue in my books. And this has classic style as well as useful pockets which is a definite plus for me. It looks great on you, Pam and would add to most people’s closets.

  2. This jacket/top is perfect for you. It makes you look taller and even more slim! You’re right about trying on- sometimes the item you think the least of is the most flattering!

    1. This is a great look! Can’t go wrong with navy and white! I like all the details, and certainly the way you can wear it in a v neckline. The zipper in back must be a fun touch! I agree about trying on. So many things surprise me in dressing rooms! I do have a navy blue dress I found at Talbots that I was wondering about…didn’t look like much on the hanger. My sister was with me and said it would certainly be my favorite dress, just try it. It was even two sizes smaller than my normal, which might be why it was on clearance. I finally gave it a chance. Not only did it fit, clearly the sizing was off, but my sister was right. It is very flattering and honestly is a big favorite. I look for reasons to wear it. It’s a classic style, very well made, and will serve me well for many years.

      1. Your sister was right to give you that gentle nudge. I love to shop with women who will do that.

    2. So true…they can really surprise us at times. I try things on often that I am not sure of…but the dressing room can change minds!

  3. I ordered a linen jacket from Chico’s yesterday. I don’t usually look for jackets but it popped up on a $19.99 special sale page. It’s a style I love—draped front and not too long. The 3/4 sleeve is wearable most of the year where I live. I couldn’t resist!

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