Summer professional wear definitely has its challenges.  We want to look professional, in charge, and savvy, however there is that pesky thing called SUMMER HEAT.  Outdoors of my South Texas home, temps can easily be anywhere from 90 to 108 from now until almost October.

Yet, with that said, some offices have air conditioning set at the low 70s, and it can get a little chilly at times.  I do keep a shawl in my office now, but do not go dressed too summery in case I freeze.  Summer work wear is more casual, but I still want to communicate to everyone that I am a strong, intelligent worker who has showed up to work, and present me and company well.  It is still amazing to me how casual some go to work now…in professional offices!  If they worked at a car wash, I might understand.  My youngest son even commented on how surprised he is at the way some dress for work.  I guess they have not heard “dress for the job you want and not for the job you have” adage.

I like this simple look from my JJill section of my wardrobe.  The white tunic has a tuxedo design to the top and the pants are a black and white check with a cuff at the bottom.  Add some simple silver jewelry, ballet flats and I am good to go.  This works on days I do not have meetings with higher ups.  On those days, a more classic, suit-type style is required.  This outfit would also be a keeper whenever I retire.  It is a great way to go out to volunteer meetings or lunches with friends.

I have a few similar styles in the slide show below.  Hope everyone has a great week planned!



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