Happy Saturday all!  I hope you are cool where you live, we are expecting up to 105 degrees today…a little early for this in June…not even officially summer on calendar.  Bummer…but, on the happy note, it is Would You Wear It Saturday with me and my globe hopping friend, Jennifer Connolly.  Though she has been celebrating on a European river cruise, she wanted to keep participating.  If you are new, you look over the fashion merchandising display I post, and tell me if there is anything here you would wear and why or why not.  Please explain in full because the comments on these posts are loved and read by all.

Then, after you comment on my display, head over to A Well Styled Life to comment on Jennifer’s.  I hope you will return for my slideshow below.  And, tomorrow I am going to write a full post response to my display here…so please come back for more.  So, tell us ladies…


Stay Cool, and as always,



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