Happy last Saturday in June!! Can you believe the month flew by and it is time for another Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer.  We find fashion retail displays around our towns that we want to now what you think.  Just tell us…would you or would you not wear the looks and please explain why. The comments are what the readers love to read!

After you tell us what you think of my display, then head over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of her’s.  Now, I realize that I have three mannequins in my display today…you do not have to comment on all three.  That is up to you!  So, look above and tell us…………………………………

Would You Wear It?????

Thanks for being her and I hope you enjoy the slide show below! Dillards is has some great items on sale right now and some of the prices are incredible.  I gave you a little taste below. Have a great Saturday everyone…….

Keep Smiling!


But, Wait There’s More (smiling here)…Today begins one of my favorite sales the Talbot’s Red Hangar Sale.  Here are some great considerations…

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