There are only a few days remaining in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so I wanted to share with you this jacket by Chelsea28 I took home that I love!  It is going to be perfect when the cool breezes finally blow.  (Sorry that I put it on right after delivery for a picture and one side is a little rumpled) . I am excited about this jacket because I can do so much with it and it gives me something to throw on for warmth for an up-to-date look when I am going out and about.

This jacket starts the slideshow below, and it will go back to its original price of $129 next week.  I paid $85.90.   The sale is over on August 5. Remember plaid is very on-trend and will be everywhere this fall and winter.  I love a classic look of plaid and there are so many great pieces to choose from this year.

Between the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and a change in the weather last week, San Antonio has been dreaming of fall!  Last week a very rare cool front made it through the state.  To have 25% humidity and morning temperatures in the 60s just never happens in July.  One of my co-workers said she wanted to hang her autumn wreath on the door!  But, hopefully she stopped that urge because on Sunday the humidity was back at 81%…July into August returned with the familiarity we are accustomed to.

Now, about these shoes.  I found them at Nordstrom Rack and these are my new favorites by Via Spiga.  So comfy and a much cooler edge to them than a traditional sneaker.  My feet love these shoes.  I also have to comment on the socks…

It is so funny that the men in my family love to shop at LuLuLemon.  I was in there recently with my husband and I found these socks.  I have been VERY frustrated with inexpensive socks.  They slide, show, and are not comfy at all.  Right now, with all of my feet issues, I am willing to bite the bullet and spend on socks that might work.  Especially since I am wearing more shoes this summer and not as many sandals….hammer toes are ugly.  I need a good sock that will prevent the curved toes from rubbing the top of the shoe.  I am here to to say these socks are worth it.  They have sold me on spending the extra money to have a sock which fulfills all my needs and dreams.

Between these great shoes and socks, I have happy dancing feet…Alexa, play Uptown Funk!  The shoes, the socks, the clothing…are all in the slideshow below.  Thanks for being here…joining in…and as always


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