Peach Pie and Learning New Tricks

I hope your July 4th was as much fun as mine, and today I thought I would share with you my Peach Pie Recipe and learning new tricks.  It really is amazing all we can learn on Youtube and a couple of videos took me through this project.  I have not made a Peach Pie before but always wanted to make one…never too late, right?

I found a recipe that intrigued me because it used brown sugar which turned out very good.  But, the most helpful video was a tip for peeling and cutting the peaches.  This technique worked so well.  Youtube is a great way to teach old dogs new tricks.  Almost anything can be found there…which still amazes me.


I hope you have a wonderful Friday.   If you want to put a smile on someone’s face with an unexpected surprise…bake them a pie and deliver in a pretty pie pan…not aluminum one. You just became their new best friend!

We will be here for Would You Wear It tomorrow, and I have a fun week planned for you next week.  Summer on….and as always……………………




  1. Yum! This is my favorite summer dessert! I would not have thought of the brown sugar, will be trying that. Having seen this, I might have to make one this weekend!

  2. Pam,
    I made the exact same recipe day before yesterday with freestone peaches from Georgia. It was the BEST ever.

  3. For years I’ve made peach pie with sour cream and brown sugar and that is a real treat!! I’ve used the peach peeling trick as well and it certainly makes light of an otherwise onerous chore. My problem is that for about three years now I’ve not been able to find good peaches! We had a produce stand a few miles away that camped on a parking lot for a few days every week. It was run by an old couple and their grandkids—apparently the middle generation drove thru’ the south all week and bought tons and tons of beautiful produce and hauled it back here to sell. The peaches were gorgeous and just the scent told you they were going to be a treat. They brought melons of all kinds, too, and corn and tomatoes, etc. Boy, do I miss them!

    1. Mmmmm…I can’t way to try this when peaches are in season here. Love peach sour cream and must try the bourbon!

  4. It made my mouth water to watch this great video! It’s been years since I’ve baked a peach pie, but a “secret” ingredient is a touch of BOURBON in the liquid. 1-2 Tablespoons or so. I think it was a trick from James Beard long ago! I also used peaches that were not good enough (ripe enough or overly ripe) to eat out of hand for baking in a pie or cobbler. It didn’t matter once they were baked.

  5. I hope your company didn’t munch that pie down to the pan on the 4th.
    Pie for breakfast is one of my favorites!

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