I hope your July 4th was as much fun as mine, and today I thought I would share with you my Peach Pie Recipe and learning new tricks.  It really is amazing all we can learn on Youtube and a couple of videos took me through this project.  I have not made a Peach Pie before but always wanted to make one…never too late, right?

I found a recipe that intrigued me because it used brown sugar which turned out very good.  But, the most helpful video was a tip for peeling and cutting the peaches.  This technique worked so well.  Youtube is a great way to teach old dogs new tricks.  Almost anything can be found there…which still amazes me.


I hope you have a wonderful Friday.   If you want to put a smile on someone’s face with an unexpected surprise…bake them a pie and deliver in a pretty pie pan…not aluminum one. You just became their new best friend!

We will be here for Would You Wear It tomorrow, and I have a fun week planned for you next week.  Summer on….and as always……………………



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