Welcome to Would You Wear It Saturday with me and my friend Jennifer…who is on vacation, but still wants to bring us a mannequin.  This is the day we post fashion displays which have caught our attention, and we ask you to tell us if you would or would not wear it and why or why not.  Please explain your answers, because it helps other women to know if a similar style would work for them.

After you comment on my mannequin, then head over to A Well Styled Life to comment on Jennifer’s selection.  So, let’s look at the one above and tell us. I neglected to take an image of the pants on the side, but there is a red stripe down the side ….you can see a little of it in the first picture.

Would You Wear It??

There are so many sales right now…it is crazy.  I have started my Christmas shopping and some fall shopping for me!  It is time for savings.  Tomorrow, I will bring you my first post on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale which is open to card holders tight now.  I did find a couple of items I will be so excited to wear when cooler breezes blow. And I am pondering a couple more.  Top quality for a savings…plus it takes my mind off the heat…until I walk out of the store.  I hope you will join me tomorrow.  Until then….


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