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Welcome to a summer Saturday edition of Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer.  We select a mannequin we have discovered and wondered what you would think of it…would you wear the look or not?  Please be kind…and explain your answer as to why or why not this look would work for you.   Women love to read the comments.

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  1. I wouldn’t wear this dress. To me, it looks a bit the the mannequin is being strangled & the dress is hanging by the loop around the neck. I think it would look much better as just an off-the-shoulder dress with nothing around the neck.

  2. The dress looks like fun, however I would certainly have to try it on. The wrap around the neck is what worries me as I think that would have me pulling at it the whole time. Does that neckline hold the weight of the top of the dress? The sleeves should strategically cover the arms.

  3. The only thing I like about this dress is the color. The cutouts look uncomfortable and really unnecessary. The cape effect is awful. No to this dress.

  4. This wouldn’t be for me. The ribbon around the neck looks uncomfortable, I tend to chill easily in air conditioning so I would have limited places to wear, and I’m a pyramid shape so the cold shoulder style is more often a miss than a hit for me.

  5. Could anyone wear it? Seems like the mannequin’s arms in that hands on hip position are what is holding the “sleeves” up. Put your arms down and the dress becomes a noose.

  6. I would need to try it on. I like that the sleeves would cover my upper arms.

  7. I’d love to try it even though I might be a little too thick in the middle for the floaty bodice…and I would definitely need the right bra.

  8. I’m not a fan of the cold shoulder look. I prefer my arms be covered with 3/4 sleeves. I agree with others that the neckline looks like a choking hazard. And I never wear dresses so it is a no all around for me.

  9. I would love to wear a dress like this but my “girls” are very large and strapless bras are uncomfortable for me. I do like the dress

  10. This is not to my liking. I do not care for open shoulders. This just looks plain uncomfortable.

  11. I would not wear this. To me, the cold shoulder trend has run its course and should go away. Rarely, do the cutouts actually fit the person wearing them.

  12. No strong reason for not liking it except the cold shoulder style never appealed to me. I am also steering away from too much black and orange doesn’t look good on me.

  13. Except for the cut-outs, I like the dress shape and color. I would try it. I would prefer either sleeveless or some type of sleeve instead of the cold shoulder look. Or take the sleeves away completely. Otherwise, I like this dress.

  14. I like the dress (on my monitor it looks navy) and the stripes, but have never given in to the cold shoulder look So I guess this would not be the time to try and certainly this trend needs to run its course!

  15. I would not wear it. The “ribbon” on top cheapens the look for me. Also, as with so many fashions, this would not look good on my body type.

    You know what would be nice? (no joke) If you or other bloggers would sometimes feature fashion that can also be worn if you are short, overweight and over 50.

  16. A big no to this one. An outfit that makes a skinny, perfectly proportioned mannequin look like they have wings and a shoulder span to match would not be good on already broad me. Also, the shoulders look cold and the cape looks hot; overall, it just does not look comfortable. And a strapless bra leaves me shuddering.

  17. I love it. It has a very 30s vibe. I can see young Bette Davis running around in this.

  18. I’m really on the fence with this dress. Like many readers above, I’d have to try it on to see how it looks.

    I’m not a fan of the cold shoulder look (for myself) but the simplicity of this dress appeals to me. I love navy, so that is also wonderful.

    Is it me, or does the mannequin make it look the neckline is too tight. I think a different mannequin would make this dress look much better … it doesn’t seem that the display person thought this out too well.

  19. No, it’s not for me. I have never been a fan of the “cold shoulder” look. This would require a strapless bra, and, at my age I’m not going there again. I also don’t like anything that is tight around my neck.

  20. Hi Mary, That is kind of what my blog is…since I am overweight and over 50…and I do support brands that feature petite sizes. WOULD YOU WEAR IT is not about promoting fashion. It is about showing you what retailers are displaying and then asking everyone what they think. Many of the clothing I feature on Saturdays, I would not wear…including this style today. It would not flatter my curvy figure and I have a lot of spots on my shoulders…all benign…and ugly! But we learn from one another when we discuss clothing and why it works or why it doesn’t for different body types. I only display on Saturdays clothing that would make for an interesting discussion. I never think about body types when looking for the mannequins. But, I do think about body type the rest of the week. If you come to my site most days, you will see styles that are for the curvy over 50 ladies. I like to find ways to look slim…though I know I am not! I hope you will return.

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