Welcome to a summer Saturday edition of Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer.  We select a mannequin we have discovered and wondered what you would think of it…would you wear the look or not?  Please be kind…and explain your answer as to why or why not this look would work for you.   Women love to read the comments.

After you have commented on my mannequin, please go over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of hers. So, look above and tell us



Then I hope you will return and visit my slide shows…so many fun sales…if you want to shop summer, there are sales and if you want to shop new Fall, then there is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  So I brought you both….First more grea falt items from Nordstrom…I have done some Christmas shopping at this sale!


Now, more summer sales…..




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