Fall Fashion 2019 Accessory Trend: Gold, Gold, Gold

While it is true that all metallics are always in style, the choice on trend for Fall 2019 is definitely gold, gold, and more gold.  I have seen this mentioned in other articles, and the Neiman Marcus Runway Show confirmed it! You might also be noticing a lot of pink in several different shades.

Gold was the accessory of choice and displayed in jewelry, scarves, embellishments on shoes, and on handbags.  This particular show also styled several hats…they seem to be highly on trend for fall.  I am just not sure if San Antonio ladies will jump on this bandwagon.

I decided to start with this trend now, and wore a very simple navy outfit with lots of gold in the jewelry and my flats.  I like the look when it is all gold…it does make a statement.  A note on this necklace…when I was in Dillard’s recently I walked by a clearance table of costume jewelry and found the most fun pieces!  This necklace is one that went home with me.

How do you feel about wearing all gold with your accessories?  Or do you prefer to mix it up?  Big and bold necklaces are also back and you know how I love that…more on those later.  Have fun with accessories…that is where we can really distinguish a look. I found some fun pieces to show you in the slideshow below.



      1. You might mix it up occasionally… just for fun Paulette… but stick with what builds your confidence!!

    1. I agree, Marie. But the trend is all gold and I am one who usually mixes things up. I am going to toss in a few all gold looks this fall … just for fun! Thanks for being here.

  1. As lean more towards silver finishes; the pieces of jewelry I do have in (yellow) gold are basically vintage inherited ones so only wear them on occasion. As for hats; though I haven’t worn one in years other than in winter I am glad to see their return in popularity. Notice too that the first model is wearing a brooch which is encouraging. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Your necklace is a keeper for sure.

  2. You are so right! Accessories can truly make an outfit whether it be jewelry, scarves or shoes. I’m a fan of Dillard’s clearance jewelry too! I have many nice pieces, mostly necklaces that I would not purchase unless on sale. PS, you are wearing my favorite style of flat, the smoking slipper!

  3. Glad to see hats are trending. And pink, which I love wearing. I have both gold and silver jewelry and usually wear them together. I certainly have enough gold to be participating in that trend. I like your shoes very much!

  4. My cool coloring means I look best in silver, so I will stick with what looks best on me when it is next to my skin. I always pull out my fine gold jewelry in winter when I can wear it over a black or bold colored turtleneck and not have it right next to my skin.

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