Fall Fashion Trends 2019: Plaid and/or Windowpane Pants

Plaid and window-pane fabrics are also huge as Fall Fashion Trends for 2019.  They are everywhere in many different styles.  When I came home with these plaid Quinn Pants from JJill, I knew there were many, many ways I could style them this year and with many colors.  But to begin with, I wanted to do something…well…unexpected.

I recently found this jewel toned evergreen top by Niche Clothing Company at Dillards, and I was very taken with it.  Now, I know oversized garments are not my most form fitting choice of clothing, but this textured pucker fabric is so much fun and I really like it.  I immediately thought with the right necklace and my new plaid pants that this could be a stylish, creative look while I am waiting for Fall to come with it’s cooler breezes.  I can wear this now and be very comfortable.

I really think this is where fashion can be most fun…when we stretch our boundaries with textures and patterns to create a look that is all our own.  I hope to write more about Niche in the future since they are a local company and made in the U.S.  Their Fall Lookbook has so many styles I would love to wear.  For now, I can find them at my Dillards in the Shops of La Cantera and share with you in the slideshow below.  This top is not online yet, but as soon as it is, I will post the link.

Do you ever try to take a piece which is traditionally tailored or classic and add a bit of flair to it?  Please share…then go into your day and



  1. I think this outfit looks great on you! But with my significant pear shape, I never wear patterned pants. I think it puts too much emphasis on the largest part of me.

    1. I also have a pear shape compounded by heavy legs and ankles. I wear trousers and boot cut pants exclusively (no skirts or dresses, crops or capris). It looks unbalanced to do a voluminous top with a wider pant, but I also don’t like tops tucked into pants as that emphasizes the tummy area. Any words of wisdom?

  2. I have been a fan of Niche clothing for several years. You are so lucky to live where their shop is located.

  3. Adorable outfit! You look great in this combo. I love tops with texture. With a great pair of pants, cute shoes, and a statement necklace, you are good to go! This look is a great option when you don’t want to wear a third piece. I do this combo often…I am doing it today!

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