I flew away last week to take seven days of vacation from work.  I use the word “vacation” loosely because I have not returned rested and refreshed, but fried! I went to help my high-school-teacher-daughter as she returned to work to prepare for the school year.  I was in charge of my 6 and 4 year old grandsons and for one evening the 1 year old baby as well.  All boys…all active…and this Gigi is exhausted.  But, thoroughly enjoyed the time just to love on them.

I also helped with organizing some of the house and doing mass quantities of laundry and dishes…but my goal was to leave her in a better place as they begin school.  I have three adult children…my daughter and her family of 5; my son and his family of four; and my youngest son who is a busy young professional.  They all are amazing, but I will confess learning to transition from a very involved mom to the sidelines has not been easy for me.  It is constantly a work in progress to know when to speak, when not to speak, when to help and when not to help.  I am getting better about withholding unrequested advice…but it can really be difficult.  So, here is what I did this week:

  1. Tried not to find all that I think needs improvement and to focus on all that I believe is right.
  2. Took time each day to remember where my family of five was in the early days.  We also were overcome with our young children and the house and the routines and were often stressed.  But, we made it through and all still love each other.
  3. Most of you know my faith is important to me, so I began each day with prayer and praise music and said this Bible verse over and over again in my mind, “Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.”  A great life lesson.  Listening means being all there and paying attention with our hearts and not just our heads.
  4. I gave advice only when I believed it affected the children’s health. Otherwise, I withheld.

Like I said, I am a work in progress of navigating these fine lines.  But, I want to be welcome in my children’s homes and not dreaded.  It is important to me that my grandchildren look forward to having Gigi around.  When we were young, struggling parents, I dreaded visits from parents and in-laws because I was always told what I did wrong and never right.  Just once, it would have been nice to hear, “You are a good mom.”  My daughter is a great mom to her boys and the smiles reflect it.

Ok, she may be mad at me that you can see the crayon on the door in the rear….but honestly, that is part of the joy….an artistic home where crayons live!  It was a wonderful week.

But, as I said I am beyond exhaustion.  So I am not sure what this week will look like for blogging.  I will do my best to bring you some great content and interesting products.  My daughter and I went shopping and the autumn decor is hitting the shelves so that is my slide show today.  Texas is in an excessive heat wave so I feel cooler when I am least Dreaming of Autumn.  Plus, planning ahead is a good thing!

Has anyone else experienced difficulty with the transition from mom to sideline mom to grandmother….all advice welcome here!

KEEP SMILING, EVERYONE…and please stay cool!!

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