Before I approach the subject of no-iron shirts in the heat, let me confess… this is about the same time every year that I am done with summer.  I just want to break up and have it go away.  Right now is when school is beginning, fall fashion is in full swing, pumpkins are on the shelves, and football teams are practicing…it is time for summer to pack up and move on.  But, in South Texas that may not happen until October…so sad.

This time of year really puts a no-iron shirt to the test.  We are having excessive heat in Texas with high humidity and sweltering temps… 100-110. So, you are now asking yourself…then why is she wearing a black cardigan…I will answer that question in a minute!

I always seem to be more wrinkled in hot weather.  I think it is something about the many fabrics that cling to sweat.  But, this no-iron top from Chico’s….that I got on sale (SCORE) is great for the heat.  It is sleeveless so I can comfortably wear it under a jacket or cardigan and I like the tunic length to it.   There are still some remaining and I placed it in my slideshow below …with other selections from Chico’s no-iron tops.  The no-iron is really perfect for summer when it just seems more difficult to look our best.

Also, in my slideshow are the linen cardigans from JJill.   I have a couple which have seen me through several summers, because the air conditioning in office buildings can be as brutal as the heat outside.  But, we never complain about the AC.  Being cold is way better than being hot, so co-workers do not want the thermostats messed with. I wear my black on days when I go from the parking garage to the building, and the building to the garage and home.  I am very comfortable in this outfit when I do not have to go outside for a long period of time.  However, this shirt works as a neutral and looks good with any color.

We need rain and clouds, but until that happens I will be wearing outfits similar to this.  I am not my most confident in skirts and dresses, so I do prefer to wear pants to work even in the heat.  Enjoy the slideshow below, and tell us…do you own many no-iron shirts??


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