No-Iron Shirts in the Summer Heat Wave

Before I approach the subject of no-iron shirts in the heat, let me confess… this is about the same time every year that I am done with summer.  I just want to break up and have it go away.  Right now is when school is beginning, fall fashion is in full swing, pumpkins are on the shelves, and football teams are practicing…it is time for summer to pack up and move on.  But, in South Texas that may not happen until October…so sad.

This time of year really puts a no-iron shirt to the test.  We are having excessive heat in Texas with high humidity and sweltering temps… 100-110. So, you are now asking yourself…then why is she wearing a black cardigan…I will answer that question in a minute!

I always seem to be more wrinkled in hot weather.  I think it is something about the many fabrics that cling to sweat.  But, this no-iron top from Chico’s….that I got on sale (SCORE) is great for the heat.  It is sleeveless so I can comfortably wear it under a jacket or cardigan and I like the tunic length to it.   There are still some remaining and I placed it in my slideshow below …with other selections from Chico’s no-iron tops.  The no-iron is really perfect for summer when it just seems more difficult to look our best.

Also, in my slideshow are the linen cardigans from JJill.   I have a couple which have seen me through several summers, because the air conditioning in office buildings can be as brutal as the heat outside.  But, we never complain about the AC.  Being cold is way better than being hot, so co-workers do not want the thermostats messed with. I wear my black on days when I go from the parking garage to the building, and the building to the garage and home.  I am very comfortable in this outfit when I do not have to go outside for a long period of time.  However, this shirt works as a neutral and looks good with any color.

We need rain and clouds, but until that happens I will be wearing outfits similar to this.  I am not my most confident in skirts and dresses, so I do prefer to wear pants to work even in the heat.  Enjoy the slideshow below, and tell us…do you own many no-iron shirts??



  1. I have some no-iron shirts from Chico’s and like them a lot. When I visit the website, the no-iron shirts are among the first things I’m searching for. I do buy them on sale. Also still have my no-iron shirts from Coldwater Creek and after years they are still stylish and still no-iron! I love the print and length of yours and will be checking out the sleeveless options in the slideshow. I’m kind of ready for fall too and really do like the distinct change of seasons we have where I live. I appreciate the warm weather though (not nearly as oppressive as Texas, of course) because winter here is our longest and bleakest season. Can’t imagine temps hovering around 100 every day…extremes can get to you quickly. Soon we can change over our closets, but what you show here today is great for transitioning!

  2. Can I just say again how much I like your new hairstyle?! You look young and happy in these pics. It’s so funny the way we all feel temps differently… I was in an airport last week and had dressed in no less than 4(!) layers including a white denim jacket knowing I’d freeze on the place. I was perfectly comfortable while waiting to board, but seated across from me was a woman about my age in a short sleeve top who was fanning herself. I bet she was thrilled to get on the icebox plane!

    1. I too love the no iron sleeveless blouses! They are great when layering, even into Fall. And this summer has been terribly hot and humid here in the northeast too. Of course the temps are not in the hundreds but some days the “feel like” temperature must have been near 100. I don’t like high humidity, and appreciate AC so much more than I ever did!
      Luckily I don’t have long to wait for cooler weather, and frankly I cannot wait! I’m a cool weather person I think. Love to think about sweaters, cardigans and blazers. I love tall boots and short booties, and want to get things rolling for Fall, my favorite season!

      1. I am a cool weather person living in a hot weather world! ? I hope we have a surprise, early fall! Thanks Paulette

  3. I have several no iron shirts from Chico’s and they are among the most worn items in my closet. In addition to wearing them as is, I also roll up the sleeves (though my faves are the three quarter length sleeves) and wear them over a tank top. Sometimes I tie the front, but most of the time I just leave it open. However, I don’t like the bunchy feel of a blouse with sleeves under a sweater or blazer/jacket. A sleeveless option is good for that. I tried the newer, no iron, stain resistant shirts from Chico’s, and they didn’t fit … the same size as the no iron only was too snug in the bust. The clerks said most people are experiencing this. Going up a size made everything else too big. I hope Chico’s realizes what the problem is and sticks with the concept, as a no stain white shirt would be a game changer!

  4. Your hair style is so flattering!
    Like so many others, I like the Chico ‘s no iron shirts.
    Thanks for all your great tips.

  5. I’m sure the non stop heat is tough but in Canada many of us hang on to precious warm weather as long as possible before months and months of cold, dreary weather. Love Chicos no iron shirts but I don’t want to see any long sleeves for awhile yet! ?

    1. I understand, Janet. Wish we could switch places for a little while. I would love to experience a real autumn this year!

  6. I love no-iron also. However, please be aware there is a cost for being wrinkle-free. The secret ingredient making clothing that way is formaldehyde. A Google search will bring up articles. Read if you want to be an informed wearer. Just my 2 cents.

    1. Thanks Rosemary. I am going to do some research and see if that is the case for all noiron fabrics …will report back!

  7. I’m ready to break up with summer, too. I’m still enjoying my trips to the farmer’s market for fresh produce, but I’m ready for the colors, tastes & scents that signal fall. As someone else mentioned, I prefer to wear sleeveless tops under all my jackets & sweaters. I feel too lumpy & constricted with other tops. Your Chico’s top would be perfect under a heavier jacket or sweater. Stay cool & hydrated.

  8. I have a white no iron shirt from Chico’s, just haven’t had the occasion to wear it yet. I wanted to comment on your lovely hairdo! I just cannot say enough good things about it. I think it flatters your face beautifully. And I thought I was going to be the only one to talk about your hair …

  9. Loving the tunic top! I’m picking up great sale items this time of year (still plenty of hot weather days ahead). Pam, I’m a fan of your shorter hair too. I think even toshorter on the sides and flipped back would also be flattering! I’m on the verge of a new cut myself soon! I love a layered bob! ?

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