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Hope everyone is doing good today!  This time of year is exhausting…hot and busy!  Today is WOULD YOU WEAR IT with me and my friend, Jennifer, over on her blog.  We locate fashion displays that we find interesting for a variety of reasons, and then ask you what you think.  We ask you to tell us if you would or would not wear the outfits as displayed and explain why or why not.  We learn alot from each other this way.

I am interested to know what you think of the skirt outfit on my blog, and then go over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think about hers.  Let’s look at these two photos above and tell us, ladies,



Make sure you stay cool and



  1. I love the skirt and WOULD wear it…maybe with a dark denim jacket.
    The shirt with the tied tail is a fad that I’m letting pass by me. I think it looks silly and accentuates a body area I don’t need to call attention to?
    The necklace is darling and I do wear bold stuff. If it’s from Chico’s?? Then may be too pricey for a piece like this.
    Every time I wear my collar up my husband thinks it’s wrong and flips it down! Oh well….

    1. Everything you said even to husband turning collar down.
      I have a tummy and hate support garment so I never tie a shirt. I do love both the shirt and the skirt. The necklace is great but I usually stick to mostly metals in my jewelry and only long ones. Love a red scarf though.

  2. Good Morning. I love black and white and would definitely wear the skirt and white shirt. What’s up with that necklace, though? It’s jarring in style and color I think, and appears as an afterthought: “oh I gotta have me some jewelry; I’ll throw this thang on.” Better might be just the earrings with a simple necklace and one more button undone.and that collar down. Personally hate that pretentious collar up thing.

    1. Ellen, laughing at your “pretentious collar up thing.” It’s not pretentious when you’re old and have a saggy neck; it’s utilitarian.

      1. I like the blouse/dress on the left and would wear it over leggings, but not alone (maybe 50 yrs ago ?). I like the outfit on the right but the skirt pattern wouldn’t work for my hips. Also love the jewelry.

  3. I like the style of the skirt and blouse. The tie waist blouse pairs very well with a long knit skirt. I don’t really wear these colors. I’d love the look if the blouse was chambray and the skirt navy and light blue. The necklace is nice, but probably a little too substantial for me.

  4. I might wear the skirt with a black tshirt, blue jean jacket, smaller jewelery and boots. That necklace is way too big for me.

    1. I really like the skirt. (Center) with the blouse and long tassel necklace. Love it and as someone earlier mentioned would add a jean jacket if out on a cooler evening.
      I do like the dress/tunic in white also, but Im pale and I think I might look too washed out in all white, where a blouse with a pop of color in the necklace us best for me.
      I do like the black dress on right!

  5. The white shirt, definitely. Not with that skirt, but I have these shirts and wear them often in a variety of ways. The maxi skirt, yes, I’d wear it with something fitted on top, like a fitted black tank in summer and a fitted gray or black long-sleeved top in the cooler temps. The white dress/tunic top to the left, probably would not wear. I don’t care for the mix of obvious prints on the sleeves. I’d have to see the black dress on the right in person. It looks loose and sack-like on the display, but that might just be the lighting. The necklace on the white shirt is beautiful. The necklace they chose for the white dress doesn’t fit in the neckline, looks like an afterthought, and the one on the black dress would be better if it was something you could see against the dress. It can be helpful with a less than flattering neckline to use a long necklace to create a more flattering “v”, but you need to be able to see it.

  6. I really like the skirt. (Center) with the blouse and long tassel necklace. Love it and as someone earlier mentioned would add a jean jacket if out on a cooler evening.
    I do like the dress/tunic in white also, but Im pale and I think I might look too washed out in all white, where a blouse with a pop of color in the necklace us best for me.
    I do like the black dress on right!

  7. I’d wear each but not likely together. I would not wear the necklace because I’m ‘over’ mature women wearing that sort of jewelry.
    The shirt I’d love with jeans or a different bottom. Maybe solid black. That style shirt looks good on me- I’m 5’2, slender but shorter legs- . I also like the upturned collar to lift my face.

  8. I like the skirt and shirt look, but like my shirts knotted at the waist as my hips are a bit wider than they used to be. I have been a fan of tied shirt tails for years and it is a matter of what you feel comfortable in. The size of the necklace is something I would wear, only in a silver or blue combination. These looks are fresh and uncluttered for a warm summer.

  9. I love the white blouse, but don’t love the front knot. It’s right in the area I’m trying to draw attention away from! A crisp, white blouse is my favorite thing to wear. It’s a shame so many now are practically see through.

  10. Love the top and have something very similar. The tie at the waist can be surprisingly flattering to a thick middle (ask me how I know ?). The flipped collar and gorgeous necklace in that bold color is actually my style sweet spot and how I try to dress. The skirt, wide with horizontal stripes, is a complete no go. The dress is shapeless and incoherent to my eye.

  11. I wouldn’t wear the raglan sleeve dress because the pattern on the raglan sleeves would make my shoulders look wider than they are. The blouse and skirt work for me and I love that necklace.

  12. Love the long skirt. I generally wear solids for skirts but this one looks great! Wouldn’t wear the blouse due to the knit but a white tee and a denim jacket would go well. Or a black silky jacket which I have!

  13. I love, love, love this outfit. It is classy with a little bit of conservative and a little bit trendy. I can think of several outfits I could put together with this. I’m currently at the International Red Hat Society convention in Nashville and boy do I wish I had that necklace to wear with my purple dress tonight!

  14. While I love black and white looks and wear often, I would not wear either. Both looks are sloppy and shapeless in my opinion.

  15. I agree with Pat, above. The word “sloppy” came to my mind also. I want to jump into the photo and shorten the shirt and tie it tighter or tuck it in.

  16. Yes would wear the midi/maxi length skirt however would pair it with a fitted top in a white (tucked-in) or black (left out) jersey knit nixing the white shirt altogether, keep the necklace and pair with a flat open-toe sandal (or wedge) and choice of handbag. As for the white dress and for a more casual vibe would try pairing it with black leggings, a flat shoe in design, simple purse and due to the detailed pattern on the dress eliminate the jewelry shown and/or choose more refined earrings and perhaps add a chunky black bracelet. (IMHO, sometimes ‘less is more’.) Last but not least as feel one cannot go wrong with a little black dress in their wardrobe and since it is so simplistic in design; its purpose would dictate my choice in accessories. -Brenda-
    P.S.: I’m 73 and I do love white shirts and on occasion do wear their collar up but it depends upon my ensemble. (i.e.: With a boxy cut boyfriend blazer or a chunky cardigan or boat-neck sweater to name three.) Otherwise I normally do not do the top two buttons up nor wear them tied at the waist.

  17. I love skirts so I’d try this one on but not sure if I’d like the pattern on my body. I would wear the skirt with a figure-skimming knit top. I like the style of the shirt but I usually avoid stiffer fabrics since I have a bigger bust and anything stiff makes my entire upper body look bigger. I have a short neck so I never wear my collar up. I like the color of the necklace but I wouldn’t wear it with that top–it might work on the knit/jersey top I’d wear the skirt with 🙂

  18. Why, yes, I would wear it. This is how I live. (And it was a man who explained why long necklaces would work for me, and why they should be colorful.)

  19. I like both pieces in this outfit but would wear them separately.

    I’d wear the skirt with a short black jacket (a white tank or shell underneath).

    I’d wear the white tie blouse and necklace with a pair of slim black pants or skinny jeans. Maybe include a neutral-colored, long, light-weight vest over it.

    I think both of these outfits would be very flattering and classy for many women.

    Thanks, Pam. I enjoy these posts!

  20. White shirt gets a big YES from me and the skirt would be okay in a different print/pattern. Horizontal strips across my hips and rear end? No thanks. Black and white dress to the left is super cute.

  21. Neither of these outfits are my style. I don’t wear dresses or skirts. I would wear the white shirt untucked with jeans or pants. The necklace would be modified to something smaller.

  22. I would wear the skirt, but not with the shirt – it would hit my torso at the wrong place and be unflattering. I like the colour and length of the necklace, but it’s got a lot going on and would probably overwhelm my slim frame. The dress is cute bug would look like a paper bag on me.

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