Fall is officially only 20 days away.  It rings in on the calendar on Monday, September 23.  But, officially unofficially it began at my house last week…because I love the season that much.  I am holding a tiny little pumpkin to signify my gentle transition in to a fall wardrobe.  You can see fall came to my home decor over the weekend, but there will be more about that later.

There are five things I keep in mind when I am ready to take my style toward a new season.  I realize it is very hot outside and in South Texas our weather hasn’t budged toward a change of seasons…but I still can.

  1. I put away my summery pastel pieces, and I begin to wear more of the saturated colors which are on trend for fall…like this Cobalt Blue.  I believe this year, Pantone is calling it Galaxy Blue.  But all of the tones are very similar and I see it most of the places where I shop.
  2. I begin to wear lighter versions of a Fall look.  This lightweight black vest is from JJill and is 58% linen and 42% viscose rayon yarn.  I have a heavier knit black vest which I can begin to wear in its place when the weather does turn cooler.  But for now, this works well.
  3. I do not wear that many sandals any longer because of my hammer toes, but I now will officially put them away until next spring and wear more closed toe shoes…I love smoking flats this time of year.  This pair is from Aerosole and I found them at Marshalls a few years ago.  Very classic with a embroidered crest on the top of the shoe.  I love little details!


4.  I wear heavier neutrals in the fall and winter.  Though I wear black all year long, I wear it more during this time.  I have plaid pants with white background for summer and now with the black background for fall.  I am a huge fan of JJill’s Quinn Pant.

5.  I put away the summer prints now.  These are florals with summer flowers and colors or stripes and plaids with summer colors.  I still love prints, so I bring out the ones with more saturated colors.

This is a work outfit for me this week, but I would wear it lots of places even if I was not working full time.  Tomorrow I will have another transition outfit for you to see how I begin to more through the next 20 days.  But, summer fashion is now officially over for me…I don’t care how hot it is.  I am a Fall Girl! (BTW:  This is an old Chicos necklace.  I cannot link to it) I did put the vest and pants and similar garments in the style show below.

Anyone else joining me in the seasonal transition now??  Please share….and as always


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