Confident Style Decisions and How to Wear a Suede Jacket

Hi everyone, I wanted to keep our conversations from last week going and continue to discuss how confidence serves us so well. Today I am talking about how making confident style choices can brighten your day and how to wear a suede jacket.  I love this outfit I am wearing today and feel so bright and confident just going out for this picture.  I know when the weather is cooler I will feel great wearing this out.

It is easy to get into clothing ruts, especially for those of you who may be retired and around home more.  Sometimes we just throw on the old faithfuls and then later look in the mirror and think, “Wow, I look sad.”  Let me encourage you to leave the house at all times looking your confident best. Make every trip an occasion…you never know who you will meet. Even when running errands, I am more likely to converse with the strangers who come my way if I feel confident with what I am wearing.  I want to be known as someone who was always smiling, friendly, and looked nice. Even when just going to the grocery.  I know I say this often, but it is true that you will enjoy life and the people around you so much more when you are confident about you,

Wearing a color I love and styling it with a fun accessory will bring on the confidence for me!  Now, I am going to put this Peter Nygard jacket in the slideshow below because I really like it and think for the price it is a great jacket.  It also comes in other colors.  However, you will see online that a couple of ladies did not like the jacket.  I stand by it and did not experience anything wrong with it.  This is one of the more affordable brands I find at Dillard’s and so often there are fun styles in these collections.  But, when writing about dressing your confident best, you need to know what that is for you…what puts a smile on your face when you wear it??  We all need to know our favorite colors, and combinations.  One of the reasons I love fall is that most of the colors this time of year are Pam-colors and that makes me smile.  This necklace is an older piece I have from Chico’s and I love it.  I rarely get rid of jewelry…I use it again and again.

So tell us, what is your favorite thing to wear when out and about?  What makes you feel confident?  Let’s turn running errands into a fun, special occasion!  For those ladies still working like I am, this is a perfect professional look for me for fall.

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  1. Very nice look, with the longer jacket over the column of black top/pants. The striking long necklace also elongates the body. Just love the color of this jacket, Pam! (I have this necklace too! It’s a keeper!)

  2. Hi Pam! I’m a longtime reader but don’t think Ive ever commented before. I definitely see you as a confident, friendly, approachable person. I would start up a conversation in a minute! Blessings, Renee

  3. This post spoke to me. I am retired and find myself just grabbing something standard to wear on any given day. It’s like, why dress nicely to just go get groceries? But now I am thinking, why not? Why not look my best when I head out the door? Thanks for this reminder and for giving me a confidence boost. By the way, I love this jacket.

  4. Wearing colors I know I look good in is energizing! I wear casual clothing most of the time but I still want to look nice and to be comfortable. I never wear a color or style just because it’s “in.” Feeling good about what you wear is definitely a confidence booster!

  5. Wonderful jacket! The color is so flattering on you. Taking the effort to look nice for everyday experiences make such a difference. I also take the time at home because it makes me feel better.

  6. I like that look on you. The color is perfect with your coloring. I probably couldn’t wear it because I have so much red in my skin, but I would for sure try it on to make sure. I loved the chocolate jacket, and that is probably what I would go for. I like the necklace, but don’t feel comfortable wearing g something that large. Love the colors in it though.

  7. I really like the jacket on you. It looks good with black.
    It is very easy to fall in to a who cares frame of mind when you retire. It all comes back to a phrase you have used before “I Matter”. I have tried to rid myself of those things in my closet that are functional but don’t make me feel like my best self. I do it for me not for anyone else. I love dressing for cooler weather because I feel like I look more polished & put together.

  8. I have noticed that if I do leave the house in rumpled old jeans and dismal tee shirt I will run into lots of people I know!

  9. That’s a great jacket! It really says fall and is a beautiful color. I have purchased the Nygard jeans that pull on (except they look like traditional jeans sans poking out hardware!) and really like them. Prices are definitely reasonable. I can see why you feel confident in this! I try to dress nicely every day, even when I’m home, because it’s more fun. Often I need to or want to run out somewhere, and being dressed nicely just makes me feel better. As you say, more confident. Since I’m no longer going to an office daily, I do wear jeans more often, but have new colors of jeans and they can be easily dressed up. I look forward to Sundays when I can really dress up for church! Winter is more challenging due to frigid temps and trying to stay warm!

  10. I like the colors you’ve put together in this outfit and it reminds me that things don’t always have to match exactly (as was the case years ago). I truly appreciate the things you shared today about looking our best as we age, and doing things to make ourselves feel better. I have had a passion for shoes my whole life but have struggled for several years with foot problems like you mention. I have about given up on trying to look good when going out, but I realize now that I am not the only one that has these problems, and I am going to focus now on building some fun “creative” outfits. Thanks so much for sharing! You brightened my day!

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