Here is the Affordable Animal Print OOTD

We have talked a lot this week about affordable ways to be current, participate in trends, and not break you budget.  So here is my affordable animal print look of the week.

The jacket is from Goodwill San Antonio; the black top and the brown pants are summer clearance items from Macy’s and JJill.  The snake print suede slides are the ones I mentioned from Nordstrom Rack.

I have owned the necklace so long that I honestly do not remember if it was full price or not.  But it is a very vintage Chico’s piece that I wear over and over again.

I am ready to roar and it cost very little and I will wear all of these separates in different ways throughout the year.  This is now my most flattering Leopard jacket in my closet.  I have three others, but they do not fit this well…especially for $5.95!  I truly hope this has given some of you some inspiration and ideas if the budget is low and you want a fall trend.  I think part of the fun is the hunt!  I have always enjoyed it.

Now, I have more ideas for you in my slideshow.  It has also been fun to search for items for you to consider.  Just think of me as your personal shopper…now there is a job I would love!!  (Hint:  At Old Navy, you save more with the code: THANK YOU)



  1. That is a great looking outfit! You look like you have lost more weight, congratulations! My coloring is very light compared to yours so I’m not sure if I can wear the Browns. I am very fair with light silver hair and light hazel eyes. Blues look better on me so I am on the lookout for a grey or blue toned animal print. I really appreciate you ur tips, thank you !

  2. I have really enjoyed your shopping tips this week. They just opened a Marshalls in the little town where my son lives, so I’m leaving a few hours earlier than planned when I go to visit so I can spend some hours shopping before checking in to my B & B. Now that I’m volunteering I need some work-appropriate things to round out my winter wardrobe but don’t want to spend a fortune. My work clothes were too formal for this new position! Thanks for all the bargain pointers!

  3. I have seen some lovely blue animal prints. I will look to put something in the slideshows this weekend! And thanks for the kind words!

  4. I am so glad you enjoyed this week Karen. Much to my surprise, this week Marshall’s announced they are finally online!! More fun for all of us!

  5. I like this jacket cut on you the best rather than the baggy, flowing ones. The shaped fit is flattering and slimming. The length is also good for you. I would like to find one like this myself. Am loving the leopard!

  6. I agree this one is flattering… why I got it. I will always wear both lengths!! Love the creative vibes of longer toppers. I also am like you and enjoying the animal print trend! Thanks so much!

  7. Pamela, that jacket is a great find! I am wearing a $2 Zara top and $3 Gap jeans, both Goodwill. My bag is from a breast cancer fund raiser, maybe $5. As you mentioned in a previous post, at thrifted prices you can shorten hems and swap out buttons. And you can try out a new look like high rise, cropped jeans. These are going right back!

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