Last week, I wrote about visiting the Chanel counter at Dillard’s and spent some time discussing my eyes.  A reader, who also wears glasses, wrote and asked me how I got my eyes to standout behind my glasses.

I have said often, that since I wear glasses ALL OF THE TIME, I want my eyes to pop and be a little more made up than if I did not wear them. But, typically this is how they look behind my glasses…which are Chanel frames ironically enough.

I have hazel eyes and though I love the fact that they change colors, I have learned how to use makeup to give the appearance they are a deep green.  My first piece of advice is to learn what colors bring out your own eye color.  No matter what you are, there are ways to use specific colors to enhance your own.  For me, if I want my eyes to appear a deep green, I use emphasize purple!  Perfect for me…purple on.

Now, you can see here that my complexion along with the rest of me is aging…it happens! But, I believe I am getting good results with my products because normally people are not up in my face like this camera is.

On my eyes, I use these two all natural, plant based products from Chamonix using a plant stem cell technique they call Genucel.  Due to allergies, I get puffy around my eyes…the lids and underneath.  These products are amazing.  I know there are wrinkles up there, but the puffy is under control!  The website says it lasts 2 months.  It actually lasts more like 9-10 weeks for me….especially the eyelid product.

Genucel Eyelid Treatment

Gen90 Instant Treatment for Under Eye Bags

Eye Package

Now meet my PURPLE POWER TEAM!  First of all, I use Bobbi Brown’s Intensive Skin Serum Foundation for my foundation…it is light and does not settle into the wrinkles.  This is what I also use as a primer on my eyelids.  I put that on first.  Then follow it with Bobbi Brown’s Cream Eye Shadow in a Taupe color. The cream eye shadow can only be found on Amazon and I feel like those days are waning, because it was discontinued.  I am on about my third little jar over 8 years.  For my professional life, I do not put anything on the bottom lashes, but for going out, I do.

On top of that I put a light coat of this purple by Jane Iredale.  There are many days I go with just the taupe.  But my eyes are going to have more of a golden tint on those days than the days I emphasize the purple in order to get GREEN.  On those days, I also use the Bobbi Brown eye pencil in purple, and I am obsessed with this new purple washable mascara by Maybelline.  Love it! and it comes in other colors.  I first use some black and top it off with the purple.  I also put in the slide show the Loreal Brow Kit I use that I am very fond of…over about three years, I have used up two of these kits.

I am blessed with long thick lashes…so I do not use anything to lengthen them or curl them.  I did not always have these.  I have told this story many times on the blog if I need to tell it again.  Let me know…but my eyelashes are a precious gift from God.

I hope this helps in some way to encourage those of you with glasses that your eyes can still be your story!  First find out what colors will enhance your eye color…start there.  My visits to makeup counters have always been helpful.  Even if I did not purchase anything there…I learned a lot of tips.  Tomorrow is WOULD YOU WEAR IT SATURDAY!


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