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Happy Friday!  It has been a fun week of talking fashion and confidence, so I thought we might end the week with News for Women of A Certain Age, where I curate headlines I believe you will find interesting! Remember though, when reading health related stories, to talk with your doctor if something resonates with you.  Health decisions should always go into a conversation with your medical representatives.

So grab your coffee or tea, and let’s get going.

Let’s start with a topic that is near and dear to my heart.  This article from INC titled, THIS MINDSET WIL HELP YOU LIVE 15 PERCENT LONGER, A NEW HARVARD STUDY OF 70,000 PEOPLE SAYS just captured me immediately.  Let me know what you think!

My husband has arthritis and I watch article like this next one from Livestrong….PROTEIN & ARTHRITIS.  It might help someone in this audience

My husband may have arthritis, but I have the disease of too much junk in the trunk.  I have been working on it more lately in the gym and also got a stand up desk for work…since both of my jobs are sitting at a computer…sometimes all day and night.  These are good exercises and can be done at home…check out 11 Butt Exercises That Trainers Want You To Do to Shape and Strengthen Your Weak Glutes.

Now, let’s talk about strengthening your mind.  I work daily on a research university campus and you would be amazed at how many over 50 have returned to school.  My husband obtained his MBA in his late 50s and liked it so much, that he is an avid online student now.  So, Business Insider captured my eye with this story: I went back to college as a 50-year-old. These were the most surprising things I had to adjust to.

I think many of us here are older than 50, but this article has some good advice and it is never too late to take it.  From The Ladders: THINGS TO MASTER BEFORE TURNING 50.

I love ending with this story.  I have squirrels in my backyard and though they can be destructive at times, I really love to watch them.  So, when I saw this photographer that is in the story here, it kind of melted my heart.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…from Fox News, A PHOTOGRAPHER CAPTURES A MOMENT ‘CURIOUS SQUIRREL’ STOPS TO SMELL A FLOWER.

Have a great end to your week, and please comment on any or all of these stories.  Tomorrow is WOULD YOU WEAR IT with my friend, Jennifer, and Sunday I have a very special giveaway for you from the Foxcroft Collection…someone here is going to be very happy when you win!




  1. Interesting topics to explore! My oldest daughter (who lives in McKinney) has arthritis bad enough that it keeps her from doing certain activities i.e. lifting weights, cake decorating, anything with prolonged hand use. I will check later to see if the link is active and send it to her. Enjoy your weekend. We just got a second round of 90 degree days…

      1. Interesting article about optimism. I have been a naturally melancholy person forever, but that doesn’t mean grumpy. More introspective and serious. While reading this, and from experience, I need lots of time outside in nature because that honestly makes me happy and changes my perspective. This is a good reminder to do that more because I can see that as I get older, I need as much positive as I can get. Life can get real heavy, so lately I’ve been seeking opportunities to do things that are just fun. It’s going pretty well. This article convinces me to stay with it. I think we need to move outside ourselves, bless others, and that helps too.

        1. Your last line is so true, Karen! Blessing others will put a smile on our own faces, enjoy some outdoors this weekend!!

  2. I love the photo of the squirrel. We feed the squirrels that visit our patio, so squirrels hold a special place in my heart. At 65, there are a few things on that list of things to master that I haven’t mastered yet.

  3. Pamela, read all your week’s postings and wish to express a sincere thank you for all of your expertise and wisdom you share. Also; though saddened when reading about the family trials you faced as a child and its repercussions they had on you, am so happy that you had the courage to move forward to become the person whom you are today. -Brenda-

  4. I am glad you point out to check with your doctor on health-related stories. This is particularly true for the butt exercises you shared, although I would also add that one should seek a qualified physical therapist or chiropractor when incorporating new moves into one’s fitness regime if one has back pain, particularly low back pain. The specialist should know your history including have access to Xrays, MRIs, etc., have worked with older patients, and really understands the mechanics of spinal injury and repair/care. I have low back pain, where one disk is bulging and one has arthritis, and while decompression therapy has helped, it doesn’t take much to bring sharp pain to my low back, and about 4 of the exercises listed in the article would send me screaming all the way to my pain meds. I urge caution when trying out new exercises. Take it slow, incorporating just one or two new exercises, and only a few reps at a time, and again, only after seeking the advice of a qualified medical professional. I so didn’t realize how much I took my good health, specifically spinal health for granted until it was seriously compromised.

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