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Happy Saturday!  It is time for Would You Wear It with me and my friend Jennifer.  We find fall fashion displays around our two towns and bring you the ones that we would like to know what you think.  We ask that you look our displays over and tell us if you would or would not wear them as styled and then explain your answers. Please keep your comments personal…this is why this would not or would work for me.  There is no need to make others feel bad if they feel differently from you.  We all have different tastes and are different shapes and sizes.  So, please keep it phrased personally…but do comment.  The comments are very popular on this post.

Animal prints are everywhere and I could’ve have posted so many.  But this one caught my eye and I thought I would ask you about it.  So tell, ladies…..


There are so many fun garments on the market right now…if our weather was changing I would be in some real trouble!! But, as always, I have done a little shopping for you and put some fun items in the slideshows..


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  1. I like the style of the jacket and pants very much, but the jacket would have to be a solid or a mother pattern for me to consider it. Leopard, to me, is everywhere and I don’t want to look like everyone else. It is really overdone lately and I’m so tired of seeing it everywhere I turn. The style of each piece is beautiful though. I would possibly consider an animal print in accessories, except shoes, but it’s just gotten to be a little too much, for me.

  2. This looks like a fun outfit & I absolutely would wear it! I love the pattern on the jacket. And I like that it is more fitted. The jewelry is nice without being over the top. I think this outfit is a winner!

  3. This animal print top is very nice, a flattering cut. It appears that it would emphasize a waistline, an area where I need help. My only concern is how long it is , and would it hit me at an unflattering place?
    Trying it on, maybe in petite would be an option.

    The necklace is hard to focus on, I think it probably works, as it is simple and does not clash with the busy animal print. The pant is also streamlined, solid, and works!

  4. I like this jacket, but I cannot wear the warm leopard print. Now if it came in a ‘snow leopard’ tone, I would give it a try. I will not wear the bold leopard boots, however.

  5. I like this out fit very much ! I really like the shape of the jacket. I don’t know if I could wear it because my hair is more silver in color and I am fair with light eyes, the color and pattern might be overwhelming on me. But I would try it on and hope it would work I really like everything about it !

  6. I would not wear this. The print is too big for me.
    I shopped in my closet and found an Anne Klein cheetah print top from a few years ago. I wore it and wished I left it at home. It is headed to Goodwill this week. I will be happy when this trend ends. It is not for me.

  7. I think this is a ‘mild’ print top for Eva Varro! That said I like the style of the top but wouldn’t wear it in these warm leopard hues. Black/white or blue/white would be a better color choice for my skin tone. The slender black pants are a
    good pairing with the top.

  8. I like everything about this outfit! The jacket shape, and length is my favourite. I have worn animal prints in accessories for years and always thought of them as a neutral. Having said that I am not sure how I feel about it being so overdone now. I will probably just keep it in accessories.

  9. Overall do like it and can understand why it would be appealing to many however due to the climate I live in would prefer it to have a long sleeve length if to be worn as a jacket and/or if as a top, to eliminate the hassle of adjustment/bunching if worn with an overlay. As for the pants though okay, my preference is a tapered ankle to accommodate more styles in footwear even though I feel the ‘style’ (shaft height) of the boots on display work with the pants as is. Do like the ‘red’ handbag and jewelry BUT might shorten up the necklace for the camisole that is shown.

  10. The pattern is quite nice and not too gold/yellow. I like the shorter sleeve length. If I had only seen the photo below the mannequin photo I would never have given it a second look but with how it looks on the mannequin I would definitely try it on.

  11. I love the cut of the jacket and am a big fan of leopard print. So a leopard print jacket, black skinny pants, along with boots is how I would wear it. That style jacket would also look great in a houndstooth or fall plaid combination. The cut is very flattering.

  12. I love animal prints, however, I do not look good in brown or camel, so I don’t buy them. I don’t need jackets in Florida so I really don’t invest in them. I do have an animal print scarf, but that is the extent of my animal prints. the jacket is lovely, just not for me.

  13. i would try it on…im not sure about the cut, but i like the looks of it…and for me too, not that print, cause im not an animal print fan, but if it were a solid color, i would try it on in a heartbeat.

  14. I like the way the jacket is slightly tailored at the waist. The clothing market is currently saturated with the animal print. I prefer to wear the animal print in accessories (scarfs, jewelry, shoes, etc.).

  15. I agree with Karen, just an overload of leopard and snake prints this year. I have a pair of loafers, a nice shirt, and a clutch purse with some leopard print and I think that’ll be plenty for me. It is one trend that seems to universally come around each fall, but this fall there’s sure a ton of it!

  16. I like the shape of the jacket although the length is about a hand too long for my frame. I agree with Karen; animal prints are everywhere and I’m already tired of them.

  17. Nice outfit. The cut of the jacket is flattering. The print is too bold for me. Would purchase it if there were solid colors available.

  18. I like the outfit but I wouldn’t wear it because I’m petite and the tunic is too long for me. I like a touch of leopard as an accent.

  19. The flattering cut screams “work horse” classic jacket; the price dictates that it can be worn multiple seasons; but the print is so limiting in use and seasons worn. Another color with a scarf in animal print and I would love it.

  20. I like the cut of the jacket, but the print is just too bold for my small frame. I will use the animal print as accents only.

  21. I love the cut of the jacket, but I agree that leopard is really being overdone this year. I’m already tired of it. I have a couple of leopard print accessories, and that’s enough for me!

  22. Really love the look and the jacket would be perfect for me because I’m tall (5’8”). I think it would be very flattering on. I would probably wear black or red shoes, not the leopard boots.

  23. I love this outfit and think it would look great on someone a little thinner and a little taller.

  24. I just came home from
    Europe and the animal print is EVERYWHERE!
    I think it’s so in, it’s out! I even saw a dog shirt in leopard!
    As another said, a touch is plenty…glad I didn’t invest much and no, won’t buy more.

  25. I have a couple of animal print tops–one is probably 10 years old! This print is too dark and “busy” for me but even if I liked the print, I would not buy an animal print jacket. I prefer an animal print top with a solid jacket.

  26. Yes, I would wear this. I like the shape of the jacket & the longer length. The simple black top & pants make it stand out. I also like the abstractness of the print. The only thing that would make it better is if it were snow leopard because that goes a bit better with my coloring.

  27. I would wear this as long as it is a leopard print with the warm earth tones. I like the long lean lines and would wear camel or brown pants with similar slenderizing lines. I am 5’ and would require proper proportions. Very nice!

  28. Oh I do love this outfit!

    I may be in the minority but I like this animal print jacket. I think the style is classic and I could see wearing this for many years.

    I agree that animal print is trending right now, but this type of jacket will be around after the trend is over.

    I think it is lovely and would wear it with black pants or a black skirt.

  29. Love the cut of the jacket but at 5’11” I think I would be overwhelming in that print. I do have flowing slacks in an animal print that would work well with that jacket in black and a statement bead/stone necklace or earrings.

  30. I like the style of the jacket … but I’ve been trying on different tops with various “animal” prints and they make me look like a walking billboard. I’m only 5’4″ and rotund (hmmm … that’s one way of putting it) and circles, dots, squiggly lines, etc. do nothing for me. And the yellow tones in most of the prints aren’t good for me either. So this would be a no for me.

  31. I like this! Very eye-catching and love at first sight! Somehow over the years I’ve managed to acquire quite a bit of animal print clothes & accessories. This is my year! ???

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