You are a Gift-Giving Superstar with Dollar Shave Club

I am proud to be partnering with Dollar Shave Club for this post in an effort to help you become a GIFT GIVING SUPER STAR…either for yourself or for the shaving adults on your gift lists in 2019.

The goal of the Dollar Shave Club is that anyone who joins will have everything they need to look, feel and smell their very best.  You can select a risk-free starter set and try what the club has to offer.  The starter set can have as many products as you select.  See the Starter Sets.

Dollar Shave Club allows to you set up a delivery time.  You decide how often you want the regular shipments from every month to three times a year.  Isn’t that feature great?  Most places just make you receive the product on their time schedule…not yours!  There are no long -term commitments and you can cancel at any time.  If you are not happy, there is a 30-Day money back guarantee.

So why is this service is so popular?  You may be like me and hate shopping for blades for myself and my husband.  They are expensive and in-store they are not grab-and-go and you need assistance to get them, because they are often shoplifted, and many stores lock them up. That takes time.  Plus, you pay a premium to get good quality blades.

Mr. B says he completely understands why Dollar Shave Club is making a huge impact on the blade industry.  He reports a quality shave with a great blade.

Now, I am looking to gift some of their product this coming Christmas.  You can go to  GIFT THE CLUB and select gift sets to send or gift cards.  Mr. B highly recommends the Shave Butter…and he is pretty picky!  Reviews highly acclaim the quality of the products and many members have stayed with Dollar Shave Club since it began.

SHHHH, keep my secret…I have several adult men on my holiday list and they will be unwrapping a Dollar Shave Club gift box this year.

Check them out and see what you think!  Smooth shaving, products to meet every need, quality and reliability are the reasons why you will like Dollar Shave Club.



Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post but the words are my own.

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