Special Occasions? Rent Your Designer Looks at Armoire

Pamela Lutrell in Style for Rent

Today, we are discussing a secret many young women have embraced…renting designer styles to enjoy and return.  I am going to introduce you to a new site called Armoire.   

As I said, many women are discovering a way to always look fabulous in designer styles and then return them for something fresh.  I am entering a season when I go to events downtown often.  This week I will be there twice and the more stylish events are most often downtown in San Antonio.  So, this fabulous cape from T Tahari and the Copper & Ella blouse will be one of my styles.  I will enjoy this for a time and then send it back!  So easy!

Pamela Lutrell wears rented style

Renting a look is for those of us who want special occasion outfits and do not want to pay to own them.  Also, there are some of you, like me, who love fashion and would love to experience wearing designer looks often without the cost of buying.   Then Armoire is a possible answer for you. The advantages include:

  1. You work with our own personal stylist to build garments for your best fit and tastes.
  2. You can schedule a call with them or work virtually online.
  3. There is fast shipping and no waitlist.
  4. You just return it in the packaging provided for you.

They have already been featured in The Seattle Times, the Today Show, The New York Times, and WWD. I do not know how often I will participate, but it is so nice to have the option.  There are many younger women in my world that do this often and love it.

Does anyone else rent clothing?  How has your experience been?  Check out Armoire and see what you think.


Disclaimer:  I was provided clothing and an opportunity to try this experience, but the words are my own.


  1. This makes sense because we often splurge on a one-time outfit for a specific occasion and then it sits in the closet for years because we invested so much in it. I would do this (rent) as long as there is no membership required. I don’t really have these types of occasions currently, but I’d definitely consider renting. I think it’s a great idea!

  2. This is a really interesting idea! Men rent tux so why nit dressier attire fir women? Fir my life presently I wear 2 to 3 if my little black dresses/pant suit and change up the accessories, shawl or cape let and lots of different necklaces brooches etc.
    Sometimes stay all black or add a metallic shoe. I no longer work so my dressier events are few.

  3. You never know when a special event might pop up, Paulette! You might keep this idea in the back of your mind!

  4. Hi Karen! Sarah from Armoire here to answer your question. Armoire does require a monthly membership, but we offer a variety of styles for all occasions. While we do offer special occasion pieces, we also offer thousands of styles perfect for everyday life. You can currently use the promo code SAVE100 to try your first month for only $49!

  5. This is an interesting idea. I don’t attend many fancy events in my current lifestyle, & the thought of spending an outrageous sum of money on something I might only wear once in not appealing to me at all. Something like this would be worth a look.

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