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Happy Monday!  Today I want to discuss sustainable, purposeful wardrobe building for women over 50.  I have been blogging for right at ten years, so you have seen many of my favorite separates before.  This is purposeful.  I have worked hard to build a wardrobe which represents me and will withstand time.  My separates are selected so that they look great with professional and casual wear.  I also try to select garments I know will be in style of years to come and hold up with great quality.

Once I began to understand what I wanted to communicate to others with my outside style, and I began to be consistent and control those messages, then a wardrobe came together which reflects me.  Whenever I put on an outfit, I look in the mirror and ask, does this say to the world that I am creative, current, approachable, intelligent (chic, classic) and strong?  Those are my personal adjectives that describe Pam-style!  Sometimes the creative adjective is demonstrated through a scarf or other accessories.  

All of these pieces are ones I have owned for several years.  The Eileen Fisher gray, waffle-patterned jacket was purchased on sale at Dillards. The lovely deep red blouse is Vince Camuto also purchased at Dillards years back.  The pants are the newest part of this ensemble and are JJill from last year.  I have owned this scarf for so long, I do not remember where it came from originally.  I like it because it has both silver and gold in it, so it goes really well with mixed metals for accessories.  It also has the red from the top in it.   Many of the older scarves are shorter in length and I prefer that if i want to wear it down like I am doing today.

The waffle texture in the EF jacket is really on trend this year.  I have seen it many places.  Now, because I am finally beginning to lose some weight and tone my body at the gym, a few pieces are starting to hang a little.  Once they are really too big, I will consign them at my favorite consignment shop or donate to Goodwill SA.  That is part of the sustainability of a working wardrobe as well…knowing when to pass it along.  Of course, there is no better brand to promote when discussing sustainability than Eileen Fisher!

I did a little “closet-diving” this weekend and it was fun!  A great reminder that my strategy of wardrobe building has paid off.  Do you have a strategy for building your wardrobe over 50?  If so, please share….enjoy the slideshow (EVERY GARMENT IS ON SALE)….and 



NOTE:  I forgot to tell you yesterday about the WOULD YOU WEAR it mannequins from Saturday.  Believe it or not, I found these in a local grocery store.  I personally do not think the fact they are in a grocery store, let’s the display designer off the hook.  Every fashion display should be styled with the intention to make sales (no matter what the brand is).  Sadly, I personally do not think this one does motivate anyone to buy….unless you are shopping for leggings alone!  I agree with those who said the styles would look better with longer tops. 



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