Layer Up for Fall in Style from Blair

Pamela Lutrell wears blue fleece outfit from Blair

Good morning, ladies!  I am so excited to tell you about a new brand to the Over 50 Feeling 40 audience, Blair, an online clothing company.  Now, some of you just said…Blair is not new.  I have known about them for years.  You would be right.  Blair is one of those long living, trusted brands which has served women well for many years.  In fact, it was my mother’s favorite brand.

But, Blair has survived because it has stayed current and relevant to women over time, and women over 50 wear it well!   I know that many of you are retired and have a need for more casual workhorses in your wardrobe which are affordable and fun.  With their designs and affordable pricing, Blair has shown its’ customers they understand who they are and are ready to meet their needs.  They know we desire casual style with comfort which washes well and provides confidence.  They also know the separates should mix and match well to provide more outfits and also provide an affordable wardrobe.

Over 50 Feeling 40 in Fall Fashions from Blair

Most of you are aware I live in South Texas and we ride a rollercoaster of temperatures through the fall.  When the season finally arrived in mid-October, our temps dropped 45 degrees in 24 hours.  So, one day starts cold and ends warm, and the next day is flipped.  Layering our wardrobe is a way of life here.

When you think of autumn breezes blowing, think Blair’s quality separates to layer up with style.  You can begin with a pretty Essential Stretch Tank (which comes in many vibrant colors); add a soft Flannel Tunic and top it with a Fleece Jacket with Snaps.  Wear these pieces over Blair’s comfortable jeans and you are good to go for fun with grandchildren or throw on the stylish Quilted Car Coat and leggings for cooking s’mores by a fire later in the evening.

Over 50 Feeling 40 in a Fall Legging Outfit from Blair

Over the next few weeks, I am going to introduce to you Blair Clothing’s fall and winter collection and get you in a cozy state-of-mind.  Today, I will show you some versatile layers for this time of year in the small video below.  You can wear these pieces well and be ready for all the fun fall and the holidays have to bring. 



Disclaimer:  This post is sponsored by Blair, but the opinions are my own.


  1. Enjoyed the video and seeing the different options, thank you. I find that I am buying most of my clothes on- line these days. Blair does give good value for money and they have excellent sales.

  2. I’ve purchased many things from Blair and been very pleased. Their pricing fits my budget and the quality is great !

  3. I have bought many pieces from Blair, but nothing g lately. They used to carry a lot more clothing in petite sizes.

  4. I really enjoyed the video! I admit that I thought of Blair as being for much older women, but you’ve shown that’s not true, and we need to be more open-minded about these brands that have been around for awhile. Just this morning on my way into the gym, I thought that I really need a warmer jacket, and one of the fleece lined ones you show would do the trick! It can be a hike when the parking lot is crowded and winter’s coming! I’ll have to check out their website. I have a friend who buys from them and I never would have known she was wearing Blair fashions if she hadn’t mentioned it. They’ve come a long way!

  5. OMG – loved your video. You did such a great job! OH gosh, I remember my mom ordering from Blair many years ago. I didn’t know that they were still around. She enjoyed the clothes, the quality and the fit were just right The price was in her budget range. I recall getting the deliveries and being excited with her as she opened them. You look great in their clothes. The white jacket really caught my eye. These look like clothes that one might grab often from the closet. Casual, comfortable and nice looking.

  6. Loved your video!
    Blair is not my type store which is good for me since their clothes aren’t sized for talls for sure – pant length 29.5.
    While there have been great strides in choices in plus size ranges, tall sizes are not as easy to find especially for women on limited budgets.
    My go to stores are Talbots, JCrew, Banana Republic. Ann Taylor & LLBean but there still can be fewer choices.

  7. Omg! I am so excited about your videos. They show us women over 50 your different clothing and how to wear it. I love this idea. Ive been with Blair a very long time
    This is so great. Thank you for doing this.

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